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Spinning Wheels

 So the fans are still drying out my carpeting, but things are pretty dry. I should be able to start reassembling my closet tonight. The plumber is set for Thursday morning and, with the long list of things that have been piling up, I think he'll be here for most of the day. DH will take the day off from work to be here with him.

I want my carpeting to be as dry as this desert-like lake bed. Go fans, go!

Our road is under reconstruction, the city is doing something with the sewer and water systems, so getting to the house is getting more and more challenging. Hopefully the plumber won't have any problems getting to us. If we were another block or two west, it could be quite dicey.

Since my AinA story is complete and happily received by my assigned friend, and since I have also happily received my own, I can concentrate on my classwork which I have been letting fall through the cracks. Between the Olympics, my AinA and the plumbing issues, I've barely had a chance to read through the class notes at all. That's NOT good since there is some really good stuff that's being passed on to us from the teacher and I really need to get this stuff into my system and make them a part of my writing thoughts. Another thing that I need to do is to start to get familiar with my characters for my NaNo. I tried the questionnaire-style character development method and that didn't work well for me. So I think I'll try to interview each of the characters. I might be more successful that way. Well...nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? At least I was able to get back to the treadmill again today. Yippee! Another mile closer to Rivendell.
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The few times I've used it, I've found the interview method works really well for me. The responses to the questions can be quite startling *g*.
Yes, I think it's the only way. I was never very good at interviews, though, so I think I'll start with a couple of the important secondary characters before diving into the main ones. Surprising responses would be quite helpful for this, actually. :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Sorry to hear about the flooding--hope the plumber will do his job well and your carpets will be dry soon.

Well done on the AinA story!
Thanks so much. The ongoing saga of my life continues - LOLOL. The carpets are dry now, though, so one step in the right direction :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Questionnaires never worked for me, but I tried the interview method for my NaNo two years ago and it worked quite well.

I still haven't gotten a chance to read your AinA fic! It's on my Kindle, though, and since I'm having a hard time finding the time at home I'm going to take it to work. :D (My writer's been having some trouble, so I still don't have a story.) Nothing like taking a break from a hectic work day to escape into a favourite fictional world.

Still haven't decided if I'm doing NaNo again this year. Best of luck with yours! ♥
I've had a few different friends who said that the interview method worked well for them. I hope I'm through with the major push on housecleaning and can actually sit at the computer tomorrow night. Oy, I'm totally exhausted.

I've never done NaNo before, but I've had this O-fic in my head for a while now and I think I just need to try. Of course the schedule couldn't be much worse for anyone who works retail sales close to the major year-end holidays *sigh*. :-D

- Erulisse (one L)