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Water, Water, Everywhere...

Water and issues with water follow us wherever we live. I've had to dig up pipes, I've had collapsing walls, I've had large waterfalls of water flowing through my basement windows, and I've had pipes broken inside of walls requiring serious repairs. Last night we had another water problem *sigh* and once again had to deal with clean-up.

It's not that I don't love water. This pool in Provence would be lovely. I just don't want a pool inside my house...

I sleep downstairs on the livingroom couch because it is nicer on my back than the matress in the bedroom. This also allows my DH to completely monopolize the bed, which he does with great pleasure. I awakened at about 11:30 pm and everything was fine. I awakened within 45 minutes after that to a strange sound and followed the noise. Turning on the hall light I saw a steady stream of water coming from the light down to the carpeting of the hallway below. I pounded up the steps towards my DH's bathroom, opened the door, turned on the light, and saw that his floor was covered by water. Shouting to my DH that his toilet was overflowing and he had to get it taken care of "NOW", I rushed back down and started putting buckets out and grabbing the wet vacuum.

What a mess! It turned out that the toilet wasn't overflowing, the tank had cracked. DH had to turn off the water (much easier to write than to actually turn those old valves). We vacuumed the floors and carpets and as I finally fell back asleep around 1:30 am, he was still making vacuuming noises. Final broken toilet, soaked carpet in my hallway and in my bedroom and water on the floor in my own bathroom. If I hadn't awakened it would have been MUCH worse. As it is, I allowed myself to sleep until 4am and to skip my run this morning because I needed more than two hours of sleep. I guess it's time to call a plumber...*sigh*.
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Oh dear! I'm so sorry to hear this! :( I hope it won't be too difficult to repair everything.
I've needed new carpeting for more than ten years, we just dcn't have the money for it. So we'll make do. DH did a good job with the vacuuming and set up fans to continue to dry things out. We'll keep them running as long as we can before leaving for work and turn them on again when we get home. It's frustrating that we have this down to a science because it just reflects the fact that we've had water flooding issues every few years for more than 30 years. Ugh!

You were in my thoughts over the weekend as Curiosity came closer and closer to Mars. I hope you're as delighted as I am that it landed safely and will start it's examination of the Martian land/environment very soon.

- Erulisse (one L)
As annoying as my DH may sometimes be, he can be pretty handy in a pinch. I would have stopped vacuuming long before he stopped. I would probably have ended up with mold, but I think we'll manage to avoid it because he was so thorough.

*hugs* to Pippin who would, I'm quite sure, have awakened you in a similar situation.

- Erulisse (one L)
I'm sorry to hear that. Of course this would never happen at a convenient time of day. :(
All things taken into account, the timing probably couldn't have been much better. Oh, a little earlier in the evening would have been nice, but having it overnight instead of during the day when we would both have been at work and the flooding would have been much more extreme was a total blessing. All in all I am very grateful to whatever Powers allowed for decent timing. The fact that I'm tired is a small price to pay for not having damaged flooring and walls, destroyed clothing and materials, and possible foundation issues.

But...if water still remains in my future, maybe it will just happen as a rainstorm on my ashes? LOL

- Erulisse (one L)
Why do these things always happen at night? When one of my pipes burst it was in the early hours. Most odd.

Hope the plumber can get it sorted quickly and there is not too much water damage.
I feel very grateful that it happened when it did. If we had been at work we might have had severe damage and lots of problems. As it is, I think we missed the bullet.

I'll phone the plumber today and get an appointment for one of the next two days. We have other toilets, so it's not a total emergency, and we have other things that we need a plumber to take care of while he's here. It might well be a full day's worth of work for him.

Thanks for the positive thoughts *hugs*

- Erulisse (one L)
I still have nightmares from one night hearing drip drip drip and going down the hall (this was my old old place) and seeing a waterfall coming down from my ceiling. That was 1990, the year I re-did my own roof (after this mess) and fell and broke my hip. um. yeah. Whenever it rains I STILL have nightmares of waterfalls in the house. I can oh so sympathize with you and your dear one!

(((hugs and dry rugs)))
My nightmares center around pounding rainstorms in the early spring when the ground is still frozen and can't accept the water. It just sheets out and that's when we flood. No fun! I'm so grateful that I caught this 'relatively' early although it was still a mess and will take a few days to dry out thoroughly.

*thanks for the hugs and dry rugs*

- Erulisse (one L)
It seems to always be something when it comes to us and water. Thanks for your sympathy, it does make it a bit better :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Eek, what a pain! Sorry for the inconvenience and lost sleep.
I'm practically asleep on my feet today. I think I'll have to call it an early night even though I want to watch the Olympics.

- Erulisse (one L)
With a house, it's always something. The plumber will come on Thursday and he'll just have to share the guest bathroom until then.

- Erulisse (one L)
Oh, that sound terrible! I can sympathize. We've had pipes freeze and burst, our lawn excavated due to broken drain tile, our lawn excavated due to clogged sewer lines, and waterfalls due to leaking dishwashers.
It is, no matter how experienced we, and you, are. The plumber is scheduled for Thursday and it can't come quickly enough for me :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
So sorry about the broken pipes. I hope it is on the way to being mended.

I want to thank you once again for my wonderful story! I loved how you wrote it through Glorfindel's POV. It had the right amount of angst and love. Delightful. I enjoyed Erestor's reaction when he found out Fin's "news"!

Thanks again,
Plumber comes on Thursday to mend and replace. We have a long list of things we need him to do, so it may be a very long (and expensive) day. But no choice now...

I'm so happy that you like what I wrote for you. I know I'm not as talented as other authors in the list, but if I made you happy, I succeeded. As for POV, that bull-headed blond took over the story around page 18 and wrested it into his POV requiring major revisions. After that, he just wouldn't be quiet! I have pages and pages that got edited out - whole scenes and chapters. He just wouldn't shut up - LOL. He was rather nervy, but also quite fun. I had a good time writing it.

- Erulisse (one L)