engarian (engarian) wrote,

Water, Water, Everywhere...

Water and issues with water follow us wherever we live. I've had to dig up pipes, I've had collapsing walls, I've had large waterfalls of water flowing through my basement windows, and I've had pipes broken inside of walls requiring serious repairs. Last night we had another water problem *sigh* and once again had to deal with clean-up.

It's not that I don't love water. This pool in Provence would be lovely. I just don't want a pool inside my house...

I sleep downstairs on the livingroom couch because it is nicer on my back than the matress in the bedroom. This also allows my DH to completely monopolize the bed, which he does with great pleasure. I awakened at about 11:30 pm and everything was fine. I awakened within 45 minutes after that to a strange sound and followed the noise. Turning on the hall light I saw a steady stream of water coming from the light down to the carpeting of the hallway below. I pounded up the steps towards my DH's bathroom, opened the door, turned on the light, and saw that his floor was covered by water. Shouting to my DH that his toilet was overflowing and he had to get it taken care of "NOW", I rushed back down and started putting buckets out and grabbing the wet vacuum.

What a mess! It turned out that the toilet wasn't overflowing, the tank had cracked. DH had to turn off the water (much easier to write than to actually turn those old valves). We vacuumed the floors and carpets and as I finally fell back asleep around 1:30 am, he was still making vacuuming noises. Final tally...one broken toilet, soaked carpet in my hallway and in my bedroom and water on the floor in my own bathroom. If I hadn't awakened it would have been MUCH worse. As it is, I allowed myself to sleep until 4am and to skip my run this morning because I needed more than two hours of sleep. I guess it's time to call a plumber...*sigh*.
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