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Actions and Reactions

 Life throws a lot of things at us, usually in such broad strokes that we have little chance to avoid the lessons. Yesterday, as the residents of the city of Denver and suburb of Aurora held their breaths hoping that the horrors of the shootings and the explosives were ended, the world caught up with the news and reactions set in. A young man had killed 12 people and injured more than 50 others.

Each of those people injured and killed, as well as each of those who were in the theatres or who have now read about it in so many venues had family and friends who were affected. The ripples spread; ripples of shock, anguish, anger and fear. This negativity can spread across our land and world so quickly, and it must be counteracted. Darkness cannot be allowed to grasp more of a foothold than already exists for evil. So do something to create positive ripples today to help break up the negativity.

Pass it forward. Buy a cup of coffee for the next few people in line behind you. Smile, it's always amazing what a smile can do to improve the mood of others. You who are authors - write something positive and uplifting today. You artists - work in bright colors today; no shadows and hidden meanings, but sunlight and joy. Read to a child, sing a song, hug a tree. Bring joy to your world, one person at a time, and through this small gesture, multiplied by millions of people, the Light will prevail.

Goddess Bless.... 
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