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Christmas Eve

 It is Christmas Eve. Are you a Santa Claus? Santa Claus is more than presents under a tree, it is an attitude of giving, perceiving needs and meeting those needs. So today, on this Christmas Eve, and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next, do a kindness for a stranger. Keep those ripples of kindness passing through the Universe. Eventually they will gather as much strength as the evil that penetrates this Arda Marred.

Waterfalls on River Krka in Croatia

Waterfalls on the River Krka in Croatia

So buy a meal for someone you don't even know. Pay for a cup of coffee for the next person in line. Put $10 towards the purchase of the next person in line at the bookstore. Help someone reach something in the grocery aisle, give up your seat on the bus, train or subway to an elder, read to someone whose eyes no longer allow them that simple pleasure. Although not all kindnesses cost money, so many of them can/do. But if you don't have the money to spare, there are many other ways to spread joy and love. Serve at a soup kitchen, help at an animal shelter, just hug a child (with permission, of course). It seems, when I think back on my personal history, that I was more generous when I had little than I sometimes am now. That saddens me and makes me determined to improve over this next year. Let's join these small drops of kindness together to become waterfalls, and allow the rainbows that waterfalls form to overtake the darkness of our world. Happy Christmas Eve - joyful Christmas Day to all. I'll be back to posting again after the Holiday.
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That's a really nice way to think about, well, everything, really. Happy Holidays!

Help someone reach something in the grocery aisle,

Lol, I should work for the local shop. The only thing I really do is let people with less shopping than me go first. It's surprising how glad they are not to have to wait behind people with baskets.

Have a lovely day. Hugs!!

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Merry Christmas! I hope you'll be able to relax a bit from all the stress over the holidays. :)