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Fires and Floods and Writing, Oh My!

My post today was going to be very mild, concentrating on the fact that I have the day off and four stories awaiting my attention. But my youth is under attack. OK, I know that sounds rather strange, but it almost seems as though Colorado is burning up. There are fires on the eastern slope near Fort Collins, where I went to school. There is one up the canyon near Boulder where my ex-fiancee, Seth, grew up and a city/town that holds many special memories for me throughout my youth. There is a huge blaze near Colorado Springs/Manitou Springs. That one has grown so quickly and become so dangerous that tens of thousands of people have been evacuated and the Air Force Academy has been closed and evacuated. It's frightening. The fire dangers are one major reason why I have stayed in Minnesota instead of moving back to Colorado or New Mexico. I don't recall them being this bad when I grew up in the area, so I'm wondering about what changed to cause wildfires to be such a major thing over the past ten years or so.

The background in this picture of the Air Force Academy chapel is sunset, but pictures taken now might show the
deadly orange of flames on the horizon instead.

And, in the southeast we've got rain. A LOT of rain, the result of the passage of Debbie (hurricane or tropical storm depending on wind speed). More than 30 inches (76.2 cm)of rain in just a few days in some areas. That much rain in that short of a time means vast flooding and intense damage to life and property. My heart goes out to them.

Hurricane Debbie also spawned a number of tornadoes including this one.

So, that's our latest disasters in this country. Somehow having all of those things happening makes my computer issues seem so minor in comparison. I'll go to an early breakfast with Meghan and her delightful young son, and then a few errands ending up with as much writing as I can fit in. I want my AinA complete by the end of the day, and I also want a start on at least one of the four stories I have waiting in the wings. It's going to be hot today and I'll be sweating in the computer room, but I need to get in gear....
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It's a terrible fire. I live in fire country too, and feel awful that this is happening in Colorado.
Although we have had fires here in MN, we have so much water that getting them under control is easier - still very hard work, but easier.

- Erulisse (one L)
This is a very bad year for fires sadly.

I heard this morning the Academy, while closed, is still forcing the cadets arriving today to go to... the Academy! How banal! In any event the news also stated that the 30K population of Colorado Springs has had to Evac 3 times now, with Cal Fire also responding from here in Sacramento to try to help stop that thing. Honestly, I'm concerned there won't BE a Colorado Springs when this is over. The winds are not helping any.

And while I don't have friends there, it was my Grandfather's birthplace and so there's a tipple of fondness for it. If nothing else, my heart hurts for all those people being displaced.
I assume that they will still be able to process the cadets and, if necessary, they may pull them into working on fire breaks, etc. I love the Springs, have friends who lived there and spent much time down there enjoying a variety of venues. I would miss it a great deal. Manitou also was a lot of fun, as was Garden of the Gods. They are all in danger now and it's quite frightening.

- Erulisse (one L)