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Warming Up the Oven & Thoughts on Age

Tomorrow and the remainder of the week are supposed to be miserable - very hot, very humid - the kind of days that will make me bemoan the fact that I don't have A/C at home. I don't do heat well. I used to have no problems with it, but that was more than 35 years younger and more than 50 pounds lighter. I think if I had less poundage things would be better, but the one thing that has aged with me is my metabolism. So even though I maximize my days by minimal sleep and maximal experience, I can't keep my weight at a reasonable level with minimal maintenance as I used to be able to when I was younger. AGING IS NOT FOR THE TIMID! Oh you readers of mine who are younger than my own tickling 60, take that to heart.

Nonetheless, I wouldn't give up my experiences and slightly (OK, more than slightly) warped mind and sense of humor for anything. So even though I would want to change my body over to a younger unit, I would want my mind to retain all of the experience and learning that I have accumulated over my years.

What was my best decade? My mother always claimed that her 40's were her best years. I had my doubts as I was growing up, but on hindsight, there is a lot to that. By the time forty came around I was established in my home, happily (most of the time) married, I had firm friends (waving to Sharon) and fond memories. I had enough money to not have to worry about every paycheck and bill, and I was able to allow myself to explore my personal creativity more. I think, in my own life, my best years started when I was about 35 and extended through my early 50's. But if I must sacrifice my "beauty" (always questionable at best) for the sake of living my life and experiencing it to the fullest, then so be it! I'll walk my path and be grateful for the opportunity to do so! Blessed Be!
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It is rather frightening, isn't it? But it still beats the alternative.

- Erulisse (one L)
AGING IS NOT FOR THE TIMID! You got that right! :D

My best decade? No clue. :/ But anytime before 1994, I think.
The 1990's were pretty good to me too, but the 2000's started out very rough indeed. But I'm still here, toting my sword and hiding behind my shield.

- Erulisse (one L)
I luckily (I suppose one could say that) inherited my gramma's genes. While this means I am "ageless" or sans wrinkles, I am also large. Everyone in the family is either tall and thin or short and thin. Except my oldest cousin and myself. We both are tall and BIG. Damnit but dieting just does nothing for either of us except stress the heart. :P

BUT it is rather nice to not look 59 (had someone last week totally fail on age guessing LOL ) and while some parts aren't as perky as they were I never cared much; and some parts hurt like hell but then again, I got hurt when I was 22 so they hurt anyhow. LOL

I don't know about age and timidity though; I've had family members who defied medical advise (as I will should it occur) and faced death because of illnesses rather than take extreme measures. I'd say deciding how and when you die might be more for the very less timid. Getting old is something we can't avoid so for me it's more about HOW I do it rather than how it affects me.

I do so relate to that heat/body index thing though. Oddly enough I can tell my mind to just deal with it but that's with the hope of an AC at home. Considering the first 50 years of my life I didn't HAVE AC here in Sunny Hot Central Valley California... I'll admit my liking of it. :) Course I don't turn on the heat during the winter here either so it balances I guess.

And as for "beauty" my dear, it is in the eye of the beholder. If you and Hubby are happy with the shell you're wearing, then fine. No one else is entitled to an opinion. Youth (or it's appearance) is highly over rated!

Have a great Tuesday sweets!
As an adoptee I have no idea whose genes I inherited, only that they had bad bones, tolerable teeth, and eyesight that could certainly have been better. But I can't object, I've already outlived more than 50% of the females world-wide, since all too many die before they turn 50.

I'm actually not too happy with the extra weight that I'm carrying, but just don't have much option right now. At least I've been at this weight since 2004, so it's stable.

I firmly believe in a person's right to choose when to die. I hope that I will have the chance to exercise my right when the opportunity presents itself to me. I am NOT a believer in pushing on past reason.

I do agree that one can age gracefully or not. I'm trying not to trip over my own feet as I try for that graceful stuff.... :-D

- Erulisse (one L)
Eef. I have no heat tolerance, either. I melt and generally feel miserable. I hope it doesn't turn out quite as hot as anticipated down there.


LOL. I kinda agree, really. I do look young for my age (I'm mid-thirties but get pegged as 25 constantly), but that's only skin-deep so who knows what the inside of my body will do from here. :D
I used to be much better with heat. Oh well :-)

You're still so young with so much life ahead of you. How fantastic an opportunity. I love the fact that I have friends from ages 25 through 80 and love them all. Different viewpoints make things so worthwhile.

- Erulisse (one L)
Oh my, I think you're giving me far more credit than I deserve for wisdom. But I thank you nonetheless.

- Erulisse (one L)
The Crone is the sum of the Three. She's enjoyed youth and beauty, experience has given her strength, compassion and courage, she knows who she is and isn't afraid to speak her mind. I can imagine few things worse than being 18 again, lol! Though I hear you about extra pounds and heat - they do not marry well.
Yes, and my extra pounds sure felt hot today - LOL.

I walk the path of the tripart Goddess, thus the tattoo I have at the back of my neck. I never was a mother, but I certainly can make an awesome crone :-D

- Erulisse (one L)