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Plans and Foci

It's good when plans come to fruition. I've finished most of the POV revisions on my larger story and, reading through it several times already, I like what I'm writing here. It's clear, it's working for the characters, etc. I still have work to do on this - no doubt. But it's always nice to be happy with a work in progress.

My cousin Missy (Mother of the Bride) at her daughter Danielle's wedding last year.

My cousin from CA phoned me last night. This was the cousin that I drove down to Nebraska in May to meet with. It's been so much fun to connect again and bring each other up-to-date with our lives. She just spent a bit more than two weeks in France, Switzerland and Germany touring through with her husband and had lots of fun things to tell me. We've decided that if we ever both take a trip together, she can go and listen to whatever musical concerts she wants, and she'll just find me in whatever museum when she'l through with the ear candy. It would be a lot of fun! It was SO much fun to talk with her.

Missy has several horses. She's always been horse crazy and an excellent rider.

Tomorrow my DH and I are hoping to go over to my friend Cindy's house and fix her wall. This is my friend whose husband suddenly died a bit more than a month ago. She had a bathroom pipe leak that her DH had resolved by cutting away the wallboard from the pipes in the hallway. Unfortunately he died before he was able to repair what he had to pull down. So she asked for our help. DH has decided how he wants to tackle the job and he has the measurements and photos that I took and printed for him. So we're hoping to go over there early on Sunday and get this fixed. I'm crossing my fingers that we can get this done. We're running out of Sundays. Ren Fest starts on the 18th of August and from that point on, we'll be at the Festival each Sunday until the end of September. It's crazy to look at the summer from the perspective of June and realize that in many ways it is almost over already! EEEEEKKKKKKK!!!
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