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Shooting Myself in the Foot

I'm sure every one of my readers knows the feeling. You comment in a conversation and suddenly stop - you've just said something horribly inappropriate and stop in horror as your realization of the disconnect between mouth and brain becomes apparent. Well, I didn't do anything quite that bad. In fact, not at all that bad. But, I do keep changing my mind on stories that I am writing, resulting in massive re-writes. If it was a drabble, or even a smaller story of 2000-6000 words, no big deal. But the big ones with major re-do work...whatever am I thinking!?! Nonetheless, I decided to change the POV on my AinA story yesterday, and after working on it for more than six hours, I made my way through to page 17. Only ten more pages to revise before I can pick back up with writing the rest of the story. Geez! It's not as if I don't have other stories waiting in the pipeline to be written. I can't spend my entire lifetime on a single one. Somebody kick me please.....

But to return to the mundane from the keyboard, my Solstice was actually very nice indeed. One of my f-list friends identified my pic of an alternate Stonehenge as Stonehenge Aotearoa in New Zealand. Wow! I need to go there and see this in person. So beautiful! I had a "Celebrate the Solstice" coupon from my local coffee shop for a very inexpensive iced fancy coffee which tasted lovely, and I also had a coupon for a free "classic ham sandwich" from Honey-Baked Ham (nom, nom). So good! The two coupons gave me a wonderful lunch. Add a shortened (45 minutes - yes...for us that is shortened) conversation with Aearwen in the late afternoon and all was good.

Customer numbers and sales numbers are drastically down at the shop this week so far, and that is NOT good. Maybe everyone is concerned with the flooding that is happening in the northern part of the state? I have no idea about why our sales are so down, but I'm starting to get really concerned. I have expenses I have to pay like rent, utilities, and salaries for my wonderful employees. This is NOT helping. I guess I'll have to smudge the shop this morning and see if we can turn another corner in this maze I call retailing.
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We'll pull through, but it's really a royal pain in the ass when things drop so suddenly without any real reason. *sigh* Thanks for the crossed fingers.

- Erulisse (one L)
I know what you mean about writing. My AinA is coming along slowly; worse, I had an idea for another story (which I am also writing now) that hit me while I was working on that, and absolutely no way to combine the two. *le sigh* I will be so relieved to get a beta assigned to me!

Meanwhile, I will hope that business picks up for you soon.
Extending sympathy to you (it's easier than writing myself out of my latest plot tangle - LOL).

- Erulisse (one L)
If it's any consolation as far as the writing goes, my explanation of 'what my thesis is about' has changed dramatically half a dozen times or more since I started it. Good luck with the shop.
LOL. I'll be the first to admit that your thesis has far more impact on your future than my writing fiction will ever have :-) I was fairly fortunate and made few changes to the focus of my thesis. I only had to fine tune and sharpen my focus a bit.


- Erulisse (one L)
I suffer from foot in mouth syndrome. Shoe leather is a regular part of my diet! Or was when I was socially active online. :-p

I feel your pain on the writing front. Indecision is what's holding me back on my writing. I need to figure out how I want to handle existing series and new bunnies! Revisng is just so much work tho!! *hugs*

You're absolutely right - revisions suck the big one. But they are so necessary!

When you do figure it out, I'll be happy to read whatever you decide to write. In the meanwhile, enjoy the dogs and your fish and Rocky. *hugs*

- Erulisse (one L)