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Summer Storms

So, the question is how long I will have a computer this morning before I will have to shut down to protect my electronics. We have a massive thunderstorm producing huge hail and 60 mph winds just west of us and it's roaring into the Twin Cities as I type. Last night we lost power ten minutes before the end of Master Chef (grumble...grumble) so I'll have to catch up on the recap before tonight's episode. Frustrating! But I don't like it when my electronics get fried and that's a possibility with this storm that's coming into the cities.

It's summertime and thunderstorms are common for us at this time of year. But it's been a bad two weeks for the state with some areas having more than eight inches in the past week. More rain with high winds today will result in fallen trees and flooded roads. So far (knock on wood) we're not flooding today, although we did have some water in yesterday morning's storm. Geez....

On the good news front, my eye doctor says my eyes are in great shape and I now have a new prescription in hand so that I can get my eyeglasses relensed. I had this done before and I'm looking forward to a more accurate prescription that will eliminate some of the blurriness. So, to catch this post before my computer gets hit by lightning (or whatever...) I'll put some pics into this and call it a "done deal".
I hope the bad storms miss you. We have had more rain than usual too, but not thunder and lightning.
Awesome photos!
Summer storms occur here too; they rarely last more than half an hour, but there's a *lot* of rain in that time, so they sometimes cause temporary troubles.
It's thrilling to see the storm approaching, as the sky becomes darker and darker, and the thunders are closer and closer......
I love thunderstorms, but I'm not fond of having my house flood which has happened in the past. My DH is very careful about cleaning out our gutters. Now if we could just afford the landscaping that we really need...

- Erulisse (one L)
I admit that humidity on hot days is for the birds. Actually, I don't think that even the birds like it :-) But when it rains, the humidity usually drops immediately afterwards, at least for a while. The hard rains hit, but they were in and out quickly. They'll be back tonight though.

- Erulisse (one L)
I love thunder and lightning - we haven't had any this year, although there has been plenty of high pressure and rain.
Hopefully DH got all of the build-up out of our downspouts so that we won't have more flooding issues (at least from the gutters) until the fall. It's a crazy thing, but so important when we get the major storms here.

- Erulisse (one L)
Thanks, today is very nice, but we'll get the storms again tonight. Good thing I like night storms - good for sleeping :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I have several friends that live in that aweful funnel of Kansas City, WDM Iowa, Chicago and M/SP. Honestly, I'd rather face an earthquake that some of the pyrotechnics these areas get.

Hope it passes you all by or at least leaves those football size hail stones in the Lakes and not in town.
Hail is the one thing that I do not like, but thunder, lightning and rain are all OK, especially in overnight hours when I won't be out in them.

Hail, hail, go away, don't come again some other day....

- Erulisse (one L)