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New Eyes and New Sod

I got LASIK in my right eye in 2001 and my final follow-up appointment for that was in 2002. But since then I haven't had my eyes examined. For several years I found reading to be very difficult and worked with audio books instead of written ones, but when I got my bifocals I read more, and when I got my NookColor I was back to my normal voracious reading habits. I'm very pleased about that. But as I increased my reading, my prescription for my glasses got more and more out of date. I've needed new glasses for quite a while and finally broke down and set up an appointment with my eye doctor for an exam. I have that today and I can start getting my glasses relensed with a new prescription soon. That will make me very happy! My eyeglass frames are unique and custom made, so I don't replace the glasses completely, rather I get new lenses for my frames instead.

These aren't MY eyeglasses, although they are designed by the same
company. I love having unusual eyeglasses though.

Yesterday was Father's Day in the United States and my DH and I went to my father-by-marriage's home for several hours of hard labor. Well...to be fair...the labor part was mostly on my husband's part, I was 'supervising' and I did go and purchase additional supplies mid-task.

Last year my father-by-marriage's large tree was felled by high winds and had to be removed (after destroying part of the garage). It was a real mess, but it was all covered by his house insurance, luckily. Not having the tree in the back yard causes his porch to get much hotter without the shade and protection it had given. My father-by-marriage purchased a new maple tree last fall and had it planted, but it's still young. Bare dirt remained where they had removed the large tree and he was spreading grass seed regularly, trying to get grass to grow there. Slow...very slow. My DH decided to purchase and lay sod for him. So it was a labor of love, but after several hours the bare spot was covered with green and everyone was delighted. Now to make sure that it actually thrives. That will entail daily watering for 2-3 weeks, and then every other day for another month, etc. But it looks great and I'm sure it will be happy grass. A successful Father's Day gift.
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