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Catching Up and Editing

I'm almost caught up from my short vacation. Good grief! I can't imagine how horrific catching up would be if I had a real vacation of a week or more. In just five-and-a-half days I had more than 1000 emails, etc to take care of. But I'm finally almost caught up with those. I am doing a serious edit of my LOTR Community story. I have come to the conclusion that I am a rather rough first draft writer. What I write is not unreadable, no, but it needs serious editing to bring all of the stream of consciousness junk into better order, eliminate the duplicate words and repetitions, and catch stupid errors that would totally sink a story. I am a heavy-handed editor, though. I delete whole paragraphs, move things around mercilessly, and in this particular story, I changed the POV completely and am much happier with the story as a result. I wanted to get a fair amount done last night, but this kind of editing comes slowly so I will have to continue working on it tonight.

The story has a stream with fish....

My story mentions a waterfall, so I thought a couple of nice waterfall or stream pictures might be restful for today. My day started at 3am today so that I could catch up and I'll be exhausted by tonight, but I have Master Chef to watch (at least to listen to) and I need to get my own work out of the way so that I can beta for my friend's next chapter.

At the end of the valley is a waterfall. The characters don't get to see it from this perspective,
only from the top, but this was such a pretty picture. of consciousness is allowable in my blog. I jump around, flit from point to point, decide to push in X, Y or Z. All permissible. But not in a story that will be posted for reading. No, no and That's why I've been working on my technique with my Creative Writing course. What amuses me is that the information and suggestions are identical in many aspects to Man, Oh Man by Josh Lanyon which has been my reading materials for several days. I've been working my NookColor's highlighting feature to death in this book. I must have well over 100 parts highlighted. Such a valuable book for me, and it dovetails so nicely with my more standard coursework that I've been laughing with every new chapter. More tomorrow!
Well since that's exactly what I said, I guess we're on the same page here. The concept of duende is what I have always called by a different name but I have allowed Spirit to speak through me many times in my life. It's always an amazing experience.

I think we're saying the same things here, just in different words - basically that without foundation there can be no craft, and without spontaneous joy that craft will never be uplifted into art, rather it will result in meaningless words that won't outlive the paper they are written on.

- Erulisse (one L)

Edited at 2012-06-13 10:52 am (UTC)
You said I don't want my fiction to be spontaneous, even if the characters are acting that way.

And I remarked that there should be spontaneity in writing, unless one is putting together some kind of instruction manual.
Without allowing oneself freedom of mind when writing, one will never touch the duende

I know you are starting from the beginning with the foundation, to try and learn the craft of writing, but about 90% of the books in this world are craft and possess no brilliance. So I would say not to get too stuck on the craft; allow yourself some spontaneity. It always goes through the editing process after, so if the proofreader thinks it makes no sense, then no harm is done. Learn the craft, but don't chain yourself too it. You have to learn the rules of writing - so you can break them. And that is not a quote from me.

without foundation there can be no craft, and without spontaneous joy that craft will never be uplifted into art, rather it will result in meaningless words that won't outlive the paper they are written on.

That is not what I was saying, sorry. I was talking specifically about the duende.

I think we're coming at the same thing through opposite ends. I don't think spontaneous writing is either right or wrong, just that I write a terrible first draft that always needs some major editing to become anything close to readable.

- Erulisse (one L)