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I'm Baaaack.......I'm Broke.....

I had a fantastic vacation in Milwaukee, saw lots of friends and got lots of hugs. I spent a wonderful extended afternoon/evening with Zhie and her DH talking Tolkien and other things and Tolkien and writing and Tolkien and research and Tolkien. Basically SO much fun. I walked a ton and ate a lot of food that was everything BUT good for me (time to get back on my diet and eat regular food again) and I attended events and meetings and more. In other words - it was a glorious, highly-packed four days.

I did get a lot of writing done. I had my laptop and got some intense writing done in my hotel room, but I also had my NookColor and great WiFi most places, so I used that a lot and got tons of writing done that way. I had barely started my LOTR Community story for June (due in a few days) and wrote the entire thing on my NookColor while bopping between hotel lobbies and the Convention Center sales floor. It still needs heavy editing, but that's OK. The words are down and the story is complete, it just needs refining - a lot of it.

I still downloaded and worked through my class lessons for my Creative Writing course, and I also worked on my Ardor in August piece a bit, although I admit that my energies were spread in a lot of different directions. My classes were so fun! I'll talk more about them tomorrow or later in the week, and the drive to and fro was great because I was listening to Lynn Flewelling's "Luck in the Shadows" audio book. I don't think that drive has gone so quickly in years. I'm afraid to look at my credit card balance, but have to get some paid on that account by mid-week so I'll have to. I know I spent too much, but I'm already planning to go next year - it's just too much fun not to go. Call me happy....
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I always love it when I can hook up with other fanfic writers as I travel and Zhie and I have now managed this twice. I love her, her fantastic hubby, and their assorted animals. She's really easy to talk to, has been involved as a writer for absolutely-ever, and always imparts wisdom levened with a good amount of humor. Seeing Zhie has been one of my high points of this trip for the past years. Yay for Tolkien, indeed!

- Erulisse (one L)
Oh, thank you my dear. It's good to be back in many ways, and I wish I still had a bit more vacation in others. That's probably the perfect mix.

- Erulisse (one L)
Sounds like you need a vacation from your vacation.
You have waaaaaaay more energy than I can even imagine! LOL
Glad you had a good time though; my passion for many years was always Rock and Mineral shows. Seldom bought a lot, but man oh man the pretties they are so preciousssssss! :)
For as much energy as I have and expend I should be svelte, at least moderately heavy instead of my obese. *sigh* That change of life which was so good in so many ways really sucks when it comes to metabolism :-)

Love rocks and them!

- Erulisse (one L)
Sounds like a great time - you seemed to have packed a lot of really good stuff into it.
Totally! As always, I packed my time. My days were still early and I still fell asleep watching the news unless I was at an event or party. Crazy hours, crazy people, good times.

- Erulisse (one L)
Sounds fun! Welcome back! I'm impressed that you got a lot of writing done while being busy with the conference/friends/class/etc.
I could never have done it without the Nook. Since I carry it with me all the time, I could either continue reading Man, Oh Man and concentrating on writing techniques, or I could write in one of the two stories I had in the works. It worked slick. Very happy!

- Erulisse (one L)
I had a wonderful and almost magical time because I was able to socialize as I needed and still write like a crazy woman. The best of both worlds. Being among creative people always spurs my own creativity and having the ability to be away from work was a true blessing.

- Erulisse (one L)
Thank you, Linda! I had a wonderful and amazing time and I can hardly wait until next year - LOL. (Ideally, I'll have all of this year's bills paid by then - *g*.)

- Erulisse (one L)
LOL @ the 'edit your face' graphic. I love it.

Glad your vacation was awesome!
Sometimes those crazy cats just express it so very well - LOL. Thanks so very much!

- Erulisse (one L)