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Good Solstice to Everyone

 Do I celebrate Solstice? I certainly do, although I don't do specific rituals; I don't set up an altar, I don't pour libations (especially not with our snow of yesterday and overnight), I don't drum or sing. But I do focus on the day - I do think of my friends and family and I do honor this day. I honor it because in the Song, this is a day of import and the return of the sun to our skies is a sign that the year is coming to an and and a new year is beginning. Today, in my part of this world, the sun's circuit across our skies will be the shortest of the entire year and the new year will begin.

Winter Solstice Sun

The sun, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere on it's
track through the sky on this Solstice Day. Celebrate its'
return by re-lighting the fire of your soul.

In the past, Solstice used to be a day where the fires were doused the night before and all fires were started anew when the sun rose again the next day - something that could not be taken for granted. Sometimes Solstice sacrifices were made to help the sun rise, sometimes the night was spent in prayer or with loved ones. It used to have many ceremonies surrounding it, and was (and still is) honored in many cultures and in many hearts. I honor this world and the Spirit which created it. I honor this larger universe and the Song and Dance which permeate it. I live for the day when I can join that dance and perhaps have one small spot in the chorus reserved for me. I honor the Power, the Rhythm, the Melody and am enfolded in the Love.

Herne the Hunter

Herne the Hunter. I don't know the artist, but I love the image.
Traditionally, Herne loses his life either at Halloween or the
Winter Solstice, and is born again as the Green Man in the Spring
around the Equinox.

Today's Solstice is remarkable, and if you are fortunate, you may see some of the other celestial happenings that will occur today. We, of course, will have either the longest or shortest day of sun in our respective hemispheres. We also have a full moon today, AND a full lunar eclipse today. The heavens are full of portents for us, while our world tries its' best to self-destruct. But, as you reflect on the Powers of the Universe. and them reflect on the small-mindedness of the earthly powers who can find no comfort in their weapons and repression, remember that evil still walks these lands and do your best to combat it where ever you find it. This is your job as a Human Being. This is your obligation as a note in the Song. Walk your path truly with an open heart and a song for others. Spead love around you - it is infectious. You won't change true evil, but you can make your area of the world just a little better. You can be one small flame to help lighten the hearts of others. And, after all, isn't that the Purpose of us all? So that's my celebration of this Solstice day, and I hope it is shared by many of you and that the world will be a better place because of it. Mitakuye Oyasin (Lakota for "we are all related", the traditional ending for our prayers).
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