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Sharing Writing/Publishing Tips

Two documents that I found valuable were published in the past week, so I'm sharing the URLs here if you are also interested.  

First, Storm Constantine had a wonderful article on how to get a fantasy book published.  Check it out on her blog here:

And next, there was a great post on Creating Space for your Writing that was found by Lynn Flewellen and passed on in her LJ.  Check out that link here:

Happy writing, everyone.  
I actually do most of the things recommended on the rachellegarner site. Silence always allows my mind to speak.
I actually am sound driven and need noise in the background. I don't want to pay attention to it, so I manage to ignore the TV very well. I actually pay more attention to music so I don't usually listen to music as I write. I developed these habits many long years ago and they still work well for me. Repetitive actions allow my mind to speak, so making packages or strands of beads for the shop works very well for that.

- Erulisse (one L)