engarian (engarian) wrote,

Speed with One Finger

So I've been using my NookColor at the shop to continue writing my Ardor story and it's growing and growing. I have to keep reminding myself that I am not writing a novel here, just a story, but the characters are not cooperating with that. Also, they are playing games with me. For instance, one character was supposed to be wounded. But when the scene played out under my very fast finger on the touch keyboard, it turned out that it was the other main character that got injured instead. WTF? The characters are determined to write their own story and I'm just along for the ride. It's turning into a fun ride though. Since life is a roller coaster, I have included roller coaster pics today...

I leave on Tuesday for the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee. The shop, of course, remains open and it will be Chickie's turn to work with my Manager instead of mine. They'll work it out, they always do. But it's a tough thing sometimes, especially when we get a lot of people in the store at the same time. We've all been doing this for years though, so we know how to handle things.

I'm trying to figure out what to pack. I have two classes that I am taking - Tool Making and an enamel class. So I'll need to pack appropriately for equipment and flame, but I also will have breakfast and dinner meetings and will hopefully also get together with a friend, a fellow fanfic author, and her husband and furry beasties. I'm starting to look forward to my trip, and my DH is starting to moan about my going away and leaving him. *sigh* Life goes on....
Tags: bead & button show, life's pathways, writing

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