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Today is my final day of cat feeding/sitting, my friend returns home this afternoon and her cat will be happy again. I won't see my friend until Saturday when she returns to work, but I will be able to shred the "Kitty Care" schedule tonight.

Yesterday I worked my poor NookColor to the max and how fun it was. I'm fairly desperate because just working with my Manager means that I'm stuck on the sales floor for the full day and can't duck back into my cubby to write a paragraph or even a sentence. But...I have an app for that - LOL. I have an app that allows me to access my Dropbox file, pull up a document, work on it and return it to the cloud. I got a lot of writing done on my Ardor in August piece yesterday via this method. Whenever I was tired of writing or stuck, I switched back to book mode and continued reading Casket of Souls which is as wonderful as I had hoped it would be, and NOT disappointing me at all. My Nano has Luck in the Shadows loaded and I have been listening to that while traveling. I'm enjoyed my immersion into reading/writing. (Since one of the scenes in my Ardor story has a forest stream, I am sharing some forest stream pics with all of you today.)

Although I got a lot done on my Ardor story, I still have a long way to go on it. It's turning into a large story so I'll have to seriously streamline it eventually. I think this is one that I will have to aggressively edit to pound into shape, but I'm fine doing that. In fact, in many ways I think things can work better if I compose off the cuff and then go back and trim, rearrange, and polish. I still have my Community story pending though, and since I'm on vacation next week I need to get going on this one also, at least past the two paragraphs that I already have written. Well, I wouldn't want my life to be boring or anything...right? LOL.
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