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Can I Sleep Yet?...

I was restless last night, so went back down to my computer and got in at least a half hour of writing on my Ardor in August story. The characters are taking me in directions unforeseen, as often happens, but I think it will work out well. Right now, though, well...it's a tough time for the main characters. I'll have to see where today's work takes me. I'm in the mood to share baby animal pics today even though they have nothing to do with what I'm discussing below. Oh well, the pics don't always have to match the words...it's a blog - LOL.

I have to make sure that I don't lose sight of my schedule since I am working today instead of having my usual day off (waving to Aearwen who should be returning home from a hopefully fantastic trip north sometime within the next 24 hours). I have Sasha kitty feeding this morning, have to go to the Chiropractor and to the post office also. I'm going to be bopping all over town. I may have to skip breakfast to get any writing time in...then again, maybe I'll just treat myself to breakfast and forget much free time this morning. Once the store opens for business, since Chickie is on vacation, I'm 100% on the sales floor and it leaves me with no time to bounce back to my cubby to compose a quick paragraph or continue a dialog.

I can download my next lesson in my Creative Writing course this morning. Last week's were quite good. We had Character Development on Wednesday, and Viewpoint, Voice and Tense on Friday. Today's class is Setting. Fun. I've liked the class but am not fond of the examples the teacher gives to illustrate his points so I'm constantly moving the examples into some of the fanfic I have read or my own and it is working much better for me to learn from - LOL. I guess my ability to learn is based on the packaging...who knew? Of course I'd much rather be buried in Casket of Souls (which I will be shortly) and I also grabbed all of Lynn Flewellen's Nightrunner series on Audible. I didn't know she had the audio books until she blogged about Casket of Souls being available to download. I'm so happy I had 15 book credits racked up so that I could buy all six audio books for free! Happy, happy me.
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