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Moving Into a Long Weekend

Earlier this week I was going a bit crazy - I was more or less caught up on those things that I wanted to write and had no pending prompts or challenges ahead of me. I had a drabble to play with, which I forced myself to at least formulate and which may, at some time, see the light of day, but all of my larger challenges were complete. Revision of older stories and research for NaNoWriMo were all that lay ahead of me. But thank goodness things have changed. I now have my assignments for both the June LOTR Community Challenge and the Ardor in August challenge, and I love both of them, so I'm back in the saddle again, reviewing possible plots and time lines and running possibilities through my head. As Yoda would say, "Very happy, I am, with the assignments."

I have been taking a Continuing Education course in Creative Writing that is also taking up time for me, but it's been glorious and I'm really enjoying it. In fact, I have another lesson to download today, so I'll have lots of work ahead of me for the next few days. Happy again.

I know that some of my friends, both on-line and in real life, wonder why I keep myself so busy. I fully admit that I wake before the crack of dawn, work long hours at my shop, and pack my off-time with tasks such as writing while still trying to include my DH and his requests in my life. I do it because staying busy is a defense for me in many ways. If I'm busy I can't allow my thoughts to drag me down. Instead, I fill my life with possibilities, art, beautiful pictures, plots, characters that I love, and friends - both on-line and in real life. Why would I want anything else? Happy Friday!
I saw that June LoTR and it got me wondering if... I won't mostly because I don't feel ready to tackle Tolkien FF but am looking forward to being the cheering section again. LOL

Being busy, be it crochet, reading, classes what have you, keeps a person young I think. Maybe not in body but surely in mind and soul. When we give up we fade and frankly, while I'm feeling the effects of the hard physical work I did as a younger woman, I am at least alert and not ready to meet Mandos or anyone else thanks. XD

So as far as I'm concerned you're not "keeping busy for busy sake" so much as living the life immortal. ^-^
I have read that being busy so that thoughts cannot drag you down is a good way of avoiding depression. I am always doing something because I get bored almost instantaneously when I do not. Happy Friday to you my friend :D
It certainly is one of the ways that I use to keep depression at a distance. *hugs* for Friday with f-list friends!

- Erulisse (one L)
I keep myself quite busy too, but when I need to stop, I really enjoy being alone and in peace with myself. I just came from Yoga class. I am still all Zen... (g)
I'm glad your Muses are being obliging. I've some ideas for the "Longest Day" challenge, but as still struggling with Teitho.You are fortunate to be able to keep busy.
I knew what I wanted to do for Teitho fairly early on and it worked once I began writing it. I was happy.

Longest Day's musical clip was marvelous. It's odd, I'm dealing with one of the same characters for my Ardor in August and my Longest Day, just in different times of that character's life. I guess I'm easily amused :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Glad to hear you're excited about all the upcoming writing stuff. I'm quite pleased with my prompt for LoTR Community Challenges as well (but I still need to catch up on the last TW drabble set...oi...)
Both stories will be fun to write and that's the important thing. I don't mind letting drabbles fall by the wayside for a while, I needed some breathing room on them anyway :-)

- Erulisse (one L)