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Partial Day Off, But Better Than Nothing...

Today I have to work at the shop for an hour or so first thing this morning, but then I'll get the rest of the day off to do my errands and laundry and have my weekly phone call with Aearwen. Next week I won't get a day off because Chickie will be taking vacation, and the week after that I'll be in Milwaukee attending the Bead & Button Show so I guess I'd better enjoy today - it's something I won't have the chance to have again for several weeks.

This fountain is outside of the town hall in Christchurch, New Zealand. How lovely.

I have been diving back into my research for my novel and am finding some timeline issues, but I think I'll manage to make it work. I may have to delete one area from the places my characters travel through/live in, but I may still be able to include it sideways instead of head-on. It's good to be back at the research though. I'll arrange for my interlibrary loan books right before I go to Milwaukee so that they can arrive after I'm back in town.

This is a gravity-fed willow-tree fountain at Chatsworth estate. Look it up - it has an extensive set of
gravity-fed fountains and effects - just stunning. Apparently this tree fools visitors often - LOL.

I've mentioned, of course, how much I've been enjoying Lynn Flewellen's Nightrunner books. I was delighted to find out yesterday that she has a sixth book in the grouping and it is being published in a week! Of course, I went ahead and pre-ordered it for my NookColor. Oh happy day! LOL. Now if I could just find a topic or two to write some fanfic about since I'm really tired of revising my B2ME stories to make them fit for more general human consumption :-) But revision is a part of the game and necessary. Have a great day and enjoy the fountains (I felt like fountain pics today for some reason).
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