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Gifts and Guardians

 I have been making Holiday Stars for Solstice gifts this year. The majority of these have gone to friends and family, but two took flight over the ocean to a friend that I didn't even know I had a year ago.

I have been reading Tolkien fanfic for several years now, dipping my toe into the larger ocean of authors and tales and slowly starting to participate, comment, and branch out. I'm sure those of you in this area know it well - how one story can lead to another, which in turn can lead to another chat board, and which it turn leads to many more stories. So I don't remember exactly how I first found out about Spiced Wine. What I do know is that I was reading her "Dark Prince" stories, from start to finish on my main computer at home, at the same time that I was reading j_dav's "The Song of Sunset" saga on my laptop at work.  I was totally engrossed in visions of the Valar and Tolkien's universe unlike any that I had read before.  I was hooked - totally and completely.  

I loved Spiced Wine's AU.  Her AU characters of Vanimore and Elgalad meshed together like they were always meant to be.  And they fit within the larger Tolkienesque universe beautifully.  I was in love.  And then, as the relationships grew, and the collateral relationships of Glorfindel and Legolas, and Tindomion and Gil-Galad, and...and...and.  Well, I wanted to give her something, just a little something, to thank her for the many hours of pure enjoyment that she had provided me.  

After I got to know her a bit better here on LJ and through a few Emails back and forth, I got to know Sian more as a person and I liked what I was reading.  Her life, her attitudes, her fears and hopes, I liked her as an individual, not just an author.  And I was thrilled to spend some on-line time with her.  

So I began making Holiday Stars for my Solstice gifts.  And my internal voice, which I try to always listed to, said quite clearly, "Make a Holiday Star for Sian".  So I looked through the colors of crystals available to me, and Van came into my head.  Violet eyes, dark hair, and a lover who is as fair as he is dark, surrounding him with love.  I chose light silvery grey for Elgalad and violet heliotrope for Van.  After I made his, I thought I was finished and turned to work on other gifts.  Except....Glorfindel popped into my mind and was a bit perturbed that he had not been included.  So I chose colors in the same manner - a soft, pale gold for Legolas to surround the bright gold of Glorfindel.  Then I packed them up and sent them to Sian to act as her guardians and to assure her that she has friends in the most unexpected places.  

And so I share them with all of you also.  The two Holiday Star Guardians that are now in Sian's possession, to guard her days and nights for as long as she may need them.  

Sian's Stars

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Oh, you are so enormously kind to me. I must admit that I am very happy you like me as a person, as well as an author. I was so intimidated at the thought of talking to authors I had been reading on LJ or even by email -- gosh, I was terrified of reviewing them at first, as I thought they were so good they would simply ignore me, not caring what I thought -- that I felt like the new girl at school who is painfully shy and frightened. (Which I always was) but when I friended them and interacted with them, they were such brilliant people, and enriched my online experience immensely. The same applies to people who do not write, or at least I have never seen any of their writing, but who read me, like Ebbingnight and yourself.

I am still kind of bewildered that people like my AU. I think if I pause and think about it, I will wake up and find it is a dream.

The stars are absolutely beautiful, and perfect for the characters. They are right in front of my keyboard. :)

A huge thank you to you, as they must have taken so much time, and for the thought behind them. Hugs!