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Wasted Time???

I wish I could look back on Sunday and claim accomplishment. I wish I could state that I rewrote the story that's been giving me such problems in the revision stage. Or that I had started my detailed outline for my novel. Or that I had even seriously read books (although I certainly was reading for much of the day), or that I had disinfected my shower because that also was on my mental list of things to do. But no. As I look back on my Sunday, I did very little.

DH is in a lot of pain, not sleeping well, and basically moping around. We had breakfast out and then picked up a RedBox copy of Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. After determining when the baseball game would be broadcast, we plugged the video in and watched it. The movie was actually pretty good, but we HATED his IMF team. They were so incompetent and just rather hopeless. It was the precision that used to make Mission Impossible really work. This team was anything but and frankly, Tom Cruise's character deserved a more effective team. But it was very entertaining and I enjoyed it. We ended the day watching Tom Sellek's newest Jesse Stone on TV. Like I said - I didn't accomplish a lot :-)

A good book can capture and embrace you. Loved this pic!

The rest of the day was spent trying to make poor DH comfortable while he tried to get a bit of sleep. I worked a bit on the computer but accomplished absolutely nothing, and finished Traitor's Moon by Lynn Flewelling. Now I have started the fourth book, Shadows Return. I have been pouring through these books, just loving her main characters, Seregil and Alec. They work well together and make a great couple as well. If you are looking for a good read, I recommend starting her Nightrunner series with Luck in the Shadows. You too may be hooked.
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Even if you do very little on your day off is it truly wasted? Sometimes I do nothing for a day and count it as a period of recharging my inner being before going out into the fray again.

I hope DH feels better soon.
I'm sure you're right, and that I needed a kick-back day, but I kick myself when I "waste" a precious day off. *sigh* It's just me, and I know it's not a healthy attitude, but there you have it :-) Thanks!

- Erulisse (one L)
They are. I hadn't gotten into them years ago because I interpreted them as magic-derived and formulaic. My DH read Luck in the Shadows a couple of months ago and said that I would like the book because the two main characters were gay (oy! Well, that's my DH - at least he was right in his recommendation).

I bought the first for my NookColor and after a short while realized I truly loved the books and bought the other four. DH is all upset with me because I bought e-copies of books we already owned in print, but I find print hard to read so I'm pleased that I bought the e-copies. (Even though I fully think that if I already own a hardcopy I should be able to get the digital either for free or for really cheap.)

I'm into the 4th book now and just love them. What a wonderful world she has come up with here.

- Erulisse (one L)
I haven't read any of her other series yet, and hesitate to try them because so often it is characters that I wrap my heart around and the author is only the vehicle to bring out their story. I'm not sure I would like other main characters beside Alec and Seregil.

I love my NookColor. It's been 1-1/2 years and I use it every day without fail. Things are MUCH easier for my aging eyes to read on the Nook than in print, as I know you know :-)

I'm sorry to hear that you have RA. So far (knocking on wood) I only have arthritis in my right-hand little finger. But that's painful enough when I'm writing or keyboarding a lot and there are times when I'm tempted to just cut the darned finger off (not really, but the thought has it's merits).

- Erulisse (one L)
A day spent recharging, watching vids, ballgames and husband caring is really not "wasted". I spent Sunday with my face plastered in my Nook AND Kindle and couldn't tell you anything about the eclipse as I read thru it. (Why is it suddenly dark outside? wtf? LOL )

I put Flewelling on my queue at thanks mostly to you. Never heard of her so always looking for good reads. And I adore!!!! that picture of hugging book! A good book, or even a great one (always a personal reaction) can sometimes be as good as a lover. There are books I own, both hard copy, Nook and Kindle versions and goddess help anyone who tries to take them. I cannot live (an over-exaggeration?)without certain books to dip into. [How bad is it? haha I just bought my 5th (or is it 6th?) version of the Maginogion... like I don't know the stories by now?]
I fully admit that I have every version of Harry Potter, every version of Tolkien (my hardcopies are actually several versions plus audio and e-book) and there are certainly other books that I loved so much that I purchased e-copies of already existing paper copies. My books are the friends who have never let me down and who are always there for me, rain or shine, sun or snow.

Hard to argue with several copies of the Maginogion...

- Erulisse (one L)