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Weekend Musings

So, today is Saturday, and most of the working world begins their two day weekend off from work today. would be really nice if we were busy at the shop today. Especially because it is supposed to be rainy during the day so people won't be able to mow their lawns or plant their gardens.

But as you can imply from the paragraph above, I have to work today. In fact, in retail, Saturdays are busy and very important days to the bottom line. So we give up one of our weekend days for the sake of commerce. Unfortunately that means that we miss out on some things that we would much rather do because they are single day events on Saturdays. Today that something that we're missing is Highland Fest.

Highland Fest used to be a two-day event located within one of the college campuses in Saint Paul (as I recall, it used to take place at Macalester College, a highly appropriate venue). But they were losing money, so a few years ago they pulled the festival outside of the city and dropped it down to a single day - Saturday. Since that time I haven't been able to attend. I miss my men in kilts and caber toss competition. The only time I get to catch up with these are at Renaissance Festival in August-September. So I'll continue to dream about men in kilts, and I hope those who do attend Highland Fest have a wonderful time. But if they feel like a break from tartans and meat pies, come on by the shop and buy some beads - LOL.
I attended Macalester College and enjoyed several years playing the drum in the bagpipe band. Sorry to hear that the festival has been diminished. It is a wonderful tradition, and always a lot of fun.
Hope sales are up today, but you can keep your icky weather. We're looking at 85 and sunny today. Summer :) Woo Hoo!!!
Hey...too sweet! I had no idea you were a Mac girl.

Sales have been good today, so I'm very grateful to whatever Powers are in charge of that for me :-) Enjoy your sunny day, ours is now starting to cloud up a bit.

- Erulisse (one L)

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Sorry you're missing the Highland Fest. Blasted Saturday-only events. We just need to figure out a way to get the men in kilts to come buy beads, problem solved. =D
I had a Morris Dancer in the store today, but unfortunately that doesn't count :-( No kilts for those guys, just lots of bells.

- Erulisse (one L)
Whenever I think of kilts now, I think of Pande's wonderful story! ;)
Actually, the first guy could almost be modeling Elrond's kilt that is described in the story. :D
Ah yes....the Dragon! Yes, I could SO see this as Elrond the Dragon :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Hoot Man!
The bonnie knees!

We have the local festival (local at about 25 miles away) end of April. I keep missing it for some idiot reason. This year would have been glorious as for once it was NOT 100 degrees in the bonnie kilts! Holy smack wool in the heat! But I do love going when I can not only to enjoy the sports, but the music as well. I need (I mean, really need) to get some local or not so local band music. And the pib. I love the pib and still have uber fond memories of being front & center when the gathering of the bands happened the last year in Roseville. Nothing quite as blood stirring as standing 12 feet away from over a hundred pipes and drums and not only getting a windy day view of what is UNDER the kilts, but the awesome sounds those lads produced.

Best sound in the freaking world!

Now, go figure why a Cherokee would love all that LOL
Re: Hoot Man!
For the same reason that an adopted Lakota would. Because the sound is absolutely glorious. I adore the pipes and have been known to follow them around when I can.

- Erulisse (one L)