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Weekend Musings

So, today is Saturday, and most of the working world begins their two day weekend off from work today. So...it would be really nice if we were busy at the shop today. Especially because it is supposed to be rainy during the day so people won't be able to mow their lawns or plant their gardens.

But as you can imply from the paragraph above, I have to work today. In fact, in retail, Saturdays are busy and very important days to the bottom line. So we give up one of our weekend days for the sake of commerce. Unfortunately that means that we miss out on some things that we would much rather do because they are single day events on Saturdays. Today that something that we're missing is Highland Fest.

Highland Fest used to be a two-day event located within one of the college campuses in Saint Paul (as I recall, it used to take place at Macalester College, a highly appropriate venue). But they were losing money, so a few years ago they pulled the festival outside of the city and dropped it down to a single day - Saturday. Since that time I haven't been able to attend. I miss my men in kilts and caber toss competition. The only time I get to catch up with these are at Renaissance Festival in August-September. So I'll continue to dream about men in kilts, and I hope those who do attend Highland Fest have a wonderful time. But if they feel like a break from tartans and meat pies, come on by the shop and buy some beads - LOL.
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