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Ants, Chiro and Classwork

Spring must have hit because the bugs are out in force. Unfortunately, one of the places that they have found is my computer room. My DH killed three large ants in the room yesterday afternoon while he was working from home, and I killed two already this morning, one actually crawling up my leg. Talk about ick factor and creeped out. I am not fond of ants, and we have sprayed the door and window sills, but they are still getting in from somewhere and we just can't figure out where their doorway is located. I want it boarded up though!

DH has been in pain for more than a week not. Apparently he had a cartilage separation or something similar along his breast bone and it hurts to breathe and he can't sleep at all. Movement of any type hurts. I know he is in pain because he asked me to phone my Chiropractor and see if he can get in to see him. DH is NOT a believer in Chiro, but things that Dr Pat might do better with this than a traditional doctor. So I'll be phoning the clinic and getting him in as soon as they open this morning. Craziness.

I spent quite a bit of time with my classroom lesson yesterday trying to really get it nailed. I was having all sorts of problems isolating the various parts of a story and the type of voice a story was demonstrating. My friend Chickie suggested that instead of working with the examples provided by the teacher, that I take one of my own stories and try working through that instead. That was much more successful and I think I'm starting to get this lesson learned. I download lesson number two today. Happy Friday, everyone and positive thoughts to Elfscribe for her DH's and her trip for the eclipse. I think she leaves today! Travel safely my friend and have a phenomenal and wonderful time with your husband.
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