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Rewrite, Read and Budget

In three weeks I leave for the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee for a short visit. In two weeks Chickie takes a week of vacation. In the two weeks of "open" time when everyone is in town we have to get doctor appointments scheduled, eye doctor appointments, chiropractic appointments, and we still have to actually work. But who wants to work? I'd rather spend my time writing and/or reading. So...

I've been working through my B2ME stories. B2ME was a very hectic 31 days resulting in more than 50 completed stories and six Bingos for me. I already revised and posted my "Immortal Footsteps" grouping, sixteen stories dealing with Maglor experiencing a variety of historical venues/times. I still want to review these one more time before extending where I post them, but they're OK. Right now I'm working through the next series that I want to post - "Feanor and his Family". That is resulting in the complete rewrite of a few stories, and just some smaller changes and polishes to others. Then I can start the final grouping of stories and finish this out.

I'm reading books that my DH actually recommended. Although I do own them in paperback, I purchased them for my NookColor because my eyes prefer my e-reader to the print size of an actual book. These books, the Nightrunner series by Lynn Flewelling has totally entrapped me. I'm just tearing through these books when I have a chance to read.

DH is getting a little tense because I haven't finished my budget yet. That's tomorrow's chore. I hated doing budgets when I was in charge of offices or stores, and I still hate it. But in order to pass some of our tax refund money on to DH, I need to figure out how much of it I need to keep to get us through next year's bills. This year was almost dangerous with less than $300 buffer before our 2011 refund was deposited. "Whew!" I got lucky. Tomorrow I sit down with the bank statements and paid bills from 2011 to figure everything out for 2012/13. I'd much rather be reading or rewriting :-)
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