engarian (engarian) wrote,

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday and even though I have to work, I plan to enjoy my day and continue writing as much as I can in the back room instead of working on the sales floor. That's being VERY naughty, but so it goes. I'm also reading a good book on my NookColor, so if I'm on the sales floor tagging or packaging, I can sometimes manage to have my Nook next to me and read another chapter. That would make me happy today and I'm all for happy today.

Birthdays make me think about past celebrations - the triumphs and the failures. It makes me remember how I was always an odd child out in school, but still managed to gather some good friends around me and so I was still a small circle within the larger groups. It makes me remember the gifts that my parents gave me - usually books and art, sometimes excursions out to museums or parks. Money was tight throughout my childhood, but my parents always tried to make the day special, making my favorite meal and getting my favorite cake from our local and amazing bakery, Vollmers. This year my birthday gift was a week early - seeing my cousin after more than twenty years apart. That was a gift!

So today I'm going to just try and take it easy, finish the story that I'm working on, and try to relax. I'm going to think of my parents (drying a few tears because it is at times like this that I miss them the most) and I'll be grateful for those days that I've walked this earth. I share my birthday with Irving Berlin (love it!) as well as the state that I live in (go Minnesota). How many other people can be given a state for their birthday - LOL? If you have a chance, treat yourself to something special today, it will make my own day even nicer.
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