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A Little Bit of Art

As I wrote earlier this week, last Friday I was in Nebraska visiting the Joslyn Art Museum and having one of the happiest days I've had in a long time. I was with my cousin and her daughter, people I haven't seen for a very long time, and I was at this small, beautiful art museum - and I love art museums. The variety of their collection really surprised me - the depth of it for such a small museum was truly marvelous. So I'm sharing some pieces with all of you today.

First, this is called "Fallen Angels" by Cibot. A nice view of 'evil' personified. I particularly love the snakes crawling all around the bottom of the angels and their receding hairlines. I guess those who fall from grace aren't allowed to still look breathtakingly beautiful?

This is a detail look at a round piece with incredible light control - "Russian Beauty with Cat" by Makovsky. I loved the light, her outfit, and her face. She was stunning and I could have stood immobile in front of her for hours.

There is a very nice Degas bronze of one of his child ballerinas. They have replaced the skirt - those need replacement periodically, but the expression on the little girl's face is precious.

One of my favorite American artists is Thomas Hart Benton, and his "Hail Storm" has been a piece I've seen in books for years. To stand in front of it and study it - I want to go back to the Joslyn just to spend time in front of this picture. I love it.

And finally, a pic of one of the wonderful items in their sculpture garden. These whirled stick structures invite exploration and each one of us wandered through the narrow pathways and doorways. They were mysterious and intriguing, with a touch of sadness.
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