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Visiting the Sunken Gardens

One of the places we visited in Lincoln, Nebraska during my short trip there was the Sunken Gardens. This small locale in the middle of the city is a quiet refuge of wildlife and plants, in essence an oasis of calm to retreat to. There weren't many other people visiting while we were there so we had a chance to wander the reflective pools and amazing cut-out gazebo without interruption. I share the picture of this wonderful retreat with all of you today.

We entered walking alongside a small but musical waterfall with several smaller drops giving moisture to the air and sound to our ears. This photo shows two of the smaller drops, one near the red rock towards the top, the other nearer the bottom.

There were two reflecting ponds featuring water lilies and koi. As I walked around on the ledge, the koi followed me like a dog following at my heel. Everyone laughed at my unusual 'pets'.

The gardens also featured this incredible laser-cut open dome gazebo. At night it is lit, but I didn't have a chance to see it during the nighttime hours. It was stunningly beautiful during the day too, however.
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