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Busy Busy

Such a busy day today, and tomorrow I leave to see my cousin, so this will be my last post until after my trip. Today I have to get my tire looked at, bring lunch and conversation to my friend's widow, do grocery and miscellaneous shopping, do laundry (already have one load in the washer at 4:30 am - OY!), pack - yeah, that would be a good idea, :D - clean out the car, and I can't forget my afternoon chat with Aearwen - I look forward to it every week.

I would like to get some writing done today, but I'm not sure where I can shoehole that in, and I would like to get some art in, maybe I can work on a possible digital piece instead of a watercolor. But then again, maybe not.

In other words, today I am like a whirlwind - skipping around the area, touching down here and there, and eventually returning to the cloud that birthed it, ready for the next call. I wish all of my f-list friends a wonderful remainder of the week.
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I'm so excited for you. There is a certain feeling you get when driving the open road that feels just right. I hope you find some good music to add to your journey. Have a wonderful visit, I'm sure things will go well. Looking forward to hearing from you when you get back!
Santana, Alan Parsons Project, Handel and LOTR with Blind Guardian on my Nano for those times I'm not in the car. All good!

One of these days I'll head a bit farther east and meet up with you. But right now, I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing my cousin. Thanks for the good wishes :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Alan Parsons Project - oh wow, wouldn't have occurred to me, but such good road music :D
One of the standards for my road trips. I've loved them since their first album and it's great road music indeed :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Hope you have a lovely visit with your cousin - so exciting.

Safe journey.
I am totally excited. I don't think I've seen her without her husband along since her daughter was born, and that's over 20 years. I'm now "almost" packed - LOL.

- Erulisse (one L)