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Homesick for Mountains

I'm homesick for mountains today. I moved to Minnesota in the late 1970's and it is a beautiful state. We have lots of lakes, wonderful trees, very green colors, mosquitoes that could probably carry off a cow, and many birds that I adore watching. But the land is flat. Long ago it was covered by a very large glacier that squashed out the high relief. So we have river bluffs, but we don't have mountains. But I was raised in Colorado and spent my summers in the middle of the high mountains. I miss them today. So I am sharing mountain pictures from around the world with all of you today. Just pics - share the beauty.

Andean Mountains

Dolomite Mountains in Italy

Grand Tetons

At the Italian and Austrian Border

Rocky Mountains

Yoho National Park, Canada
Mountains. ♥ I miss snowcapped mountains - we do have some pretty mountains around here, but they're on the small side and certainly don't stay snowcapped. Haven't seen that since Aonach Mor and the Nevis range in Scotland. ♥

Pics are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them.
I'm so homesick for mountains. I haven't been back to Colorado to see any peaks for more than eight years *sigh*.

- Erulisse (one L)