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Lilacs, Stories and Clothes

The lilacs suddenly came into bloom on Sunday. There was an electric current running silently from one bush to another throughout town and everyone agreed on a time. Suddenly, where there had been leafy green bushes, there were verdant high clumps of flowers blasting forth with their heady perfume and delighting the senses with their colors. Dark and intense purples, medium red-tinged purples of the French varieties, and the creamy whites, all are now blooming and making the city beautiful. It always amazes me that they are so wonderfully giving of themselves. I love lilacs, they are a sure sign of spring/summer, and their presence throughout our city just makes it even more beautiful.

I had been in a bit of a rut story-wise, just working on revisions of my B2ME stories before I post them at my archives. But yesterday both LOTR Community and Teitho came out with their May challenges and they are interesting to me, so I'm back into thinking about fiction again. That makes me happy because I don't just want to concentrate on the research I'm doing for my November novel. Since I can't write anything on the novel until November 1st (according to NaNoWriMo rules) I can only research, establish characters and dialects in my head, and decide on my plotlines, etc. I am thinking quite a bit about that, but it will be a relief to have some other things to work on in the interim.

I need to go shopping. I hate shopping, I hate shopping for clothes, I hate shopping. Did I mention I hate shopping? But three of my skirts bit the dust over the past year and yesterday one of my favorite shirts also died. I really should do a major shop, but the property taxes are due in two weeks, so that won't happen. But, if I can find one shirt and one skirt, I'll be happy. *sigh* Time to go shopping....
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