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Lilacs, Stories and Clothes

The lilacs suddenly came into bloom on Sunday. There was an electric current running silently from one bush to another throughout town and everyone agreed on a time. Suddenly, where there had been leafy green bushes, there were verdant high clumps of flowers blasting forth with their heady perfume and delighting the senses with their colors. Dark and intense purples, medium red-tinged purples of the French varieties, and the creamy whites, all are now blooming and making the city beautiful. It always amazes me that they are so wonderfully giving of themselves. I love lilacs, they are a sure sign of spring/summer, and their presence throughout our city just makes it even more beautiful.

I had been in a bit of a rut story-wise, just working on revisions of my B2ME stories before I post them at my archives. But yesterday both LOTR Community and Teitho came out with their May challenges and they are interesting to me, so I'm back into thinking about fiction again. That makes me happy because I don't just want to concentrate on the research I'm doing for my November novel. Since I can't write anything on the novel until November 1st (according to NaNoWriMo rules) I can only research, establish characters and dialects in my head, and decide on my plotlines, etc. I am thinking quite a bit about that, but it will be a relief to have some other things to work on in the interim.

I need to go shopping. I hate shopping, I hate shopping for clothes, I hate shopping. Did I mention I hate shopping? But three of my skirts bit the dust over the past year and yesterday one of my favorite shirts also died. I really should do a major shop, but the property taxes are due in two weeks, so that won't happen. But, if I can find one shirt and one skirt, I'll be happy. *sigh* Time to go shopping....
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I love lilac trees - I had one in my front garden but it died.

I hate shopping as well, especially for clothing. It is a necessary evil as I am not confident enough, having lost weight, to order the right size. I order food over the net. It is still shopping but preferable to actually walking around a supermarket.
I have a row of lilacs across the back bottom portion of my yard, they can be quite beautiful if they get enough light to bloom. What I really love are the large lilacs that front the freeway cutting through town. They give such a nice thing to look at when one is stuck in traffic, and I bet most people don't even pay attention :-(

I don't mind grocery shopping, just clothes shopping. If I need to I can get in and out of my local grocer in 10 minutes or less, but I like looking at the various food items. I don't buy very much, just look. Clothes, however, I just hate because most styles look horrid on me.

- Erulisse (one L)

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Yours will bloom too. We're running 3-4 weeks early this year, spring came in March instead of April. I'm sure next year will be more normal, but I'm just enjoying this as much as possible right now :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I love lilacs. Thank you for those beautiful pics. I can almost smell them!
They are so spicy-sweet and the blossoms are just precious. I adore them.

- Erulisse (one L)
I despise shopping for clothes. What I see in the stores looks terrible and not my style at all, and catalog shopping is touch and go. Plus I'm always short on money, but I will have to break down soon. Ick!

- Erulisse (one L)
When I'm not looking for clothes, I have a feeling that there is so much clothes in the shops and that they have everything; but when I'm looking for something specific, I often can't find it!
Another problem is trying the clothes - I hate it too. But often you have to try, you can't just buy without trying. *sigh* You know, there were even a few times when I had seen something I liked, but had walked out of the shop because I hadn't felt like trying. *thud*
Yes, trying on clothing is NOT one of my favorite things either.

- Erulisse (one L)
I adore lilacs too. In fact, I want to plant some more of them in the yard -- along with a few roses too, of course. :)

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who hates clothes shopping. It would be so nice if we could just live in jeans, t-shirts and sweats. ;)
Well, I wear skirts and shirts/blouses, not jeans, but I do know what you mean. Comfort all the way!

My DH wants to plant some roses. We had wonderful roses at our last house but couldn't bring them along when we moved.

- Erullisse (one L)
Clothes shopping? I have only one store I go to. I wait for a really good sale, then go in for no more than half an hour. Generally, that does it for me.

We've got lilacs in the back, but they rarely bloom. I don't think they get enough sunlight. Still, around the neighborhood we've got several bushes. I love the pageant of spring with flowers coming out in succession. I planted several varieties of columbine several years ago (my favorite from Colorado), and now they've naturalized into all sorts of odd places. I found one yesterday, a purple one, growing through the bricks near the garbage can. You just can't stop life in the spring!
I wish I could count on one store. I actually probably should just sew what I want, but again it's a time thing. I love to sew and I'm actually really good at it, but I just don't usually have the time to be able to spend at the machine.

I love my lilacs, but they don't get enough light. If they got more light they would bloom much better.

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Ooh, lilacs. I love lilacs. ♥ Pretty pictures!

I'm in more than a bit of a rut, writing-wise - more like a huge rut. Oi. It's no fun at all, and my confidence level is at negative six million as a result.
Thank goodness I got the LOTR Community challenge plot bunny. That pushes me into a different rut and I started writing something original this afternoon again after more than a week of just rehashing what I had already written. I'm so happy to have a goal and direction again :-)

I love lilacs too, so I'm delighted that I brought some joy into your life today.

- Erulisse (one L)
Yay! Sometimes just having a goal or at least a mini-goal is all it takes to get the brain back in gear.
Lilacs =D

They are the only flower I've loved since I was a kid. That's saying a lot, because I despised most flowers when I was a kid. There used to be a bunch between our backyard and the neighbor's in Minneapolis, but they were on the neighbor's side of the fence the neighbor cut them down. (What kind of twisted soul--?!)
I adore lilacs. Of course, you're from the Twin Cities area so you are aware of how many lilac bushes are around the cities. Thousands, perhaps millions of them and every one of them wonderfully beautiful.

I don't understand people who cut down beautiful things. Our next door neighbor cut down a tree that had been on our border front yard shortly after they moved in. We still refer to them as the 'tree killers'.

Now...aren't you supposed to be doing some school work? Just asking....

- Erulisse (one L)
I never realized that the 'cities have an unusual abundance of lilacs til I had other places to compare. =)

Now...aren't you supposed to be doing some school work?

Um yes, I mean no, that is to say.. LOOK, A DISTRACTION.

Ebay is a possibility I hadn't thought of. I may have to take a look.

- Erulisse (one L)