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 It was so pleasant to have my day off. I bought a couple of magazines for holiday gifts and dropped off one gift for a friend. I was supposed to clean, and I didn't. But I did spend an hour at the sewing machine doing some mending - my husband's pants and three skirts of my own that had developed tears. His pants are really on their last legs, but I have the tailor making two pairs for me to gift to him for the holidays. I'll be picking them up next Wednesday. Today, it's back to the grind. But the holiday schedule is winding down.

Mending Clothing
Mending clothing. I don't really enjoy hand sewing (unless there are
beads involved) so I usually use my sewing machine.

I did spend a fair amount of time on the computer yesterday, writing and exchanging with friends that I have on Live Journal. I usually copy my blog over to there in the mornings, but I have also had a unique amount of fun with them by adopting an elf for a day, spurred on by my friend Sian in England. It's been a lot of fun, something that I will continue periodically. And it has proved to be quite funny for both my readers over there and myself. And no, to bring those posts over to this blog would not make a lot of sense because many of the characters I am talking about in those posts are AU (alternative universe) and don't appear in actual Lord of the Rings or Tolkien writings.

National Flags

National flags can inspire such strong feelings. The US is
remarkable in the number of national flags that are displayed
throughout the country.

I have a unique group of friends over on LJ who are stretching my mind in ways that I would not have contemplated. I have a friend who often will put Latin quotations up with translations. I haven't worked on my Latin since the late 1960's but I am having a wonderful time reading and independently trying to translate the words before reading the "official" translation. I have such a multi-national group of friends over there that I feel expanded and far less insular just by sharing with such a diverse group. So, since they will read this also, I'll just say "Thank You" to all of my LJ friends for just being there. It has really meant a lot to me.
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