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Thoughts and Falling

So my DH and I went to the American Craft Council show in St Paul on Sunday. There we met Chickie and Chickie Mama and began wandering up and down the aisles. We spent almost four hours there, walking, looking and enjoying. Although I was looking for a new pair of earrings, I didn't end up with anything at all.

On the way out of the center, we crossed the street at the crosswalk heading back to the parking garage. That's where things went wrong. The curb was exceptionally high, my shoe caught the top and I went sprawling directly into the metal base of the stoplight with my head. Fortunately I bounce. My glasses saved my nose from being broken, and they even survived. I am a bit sore this morning, but OK. My DH was very shaken up by it, though.

And before I switch to pictures for everyone to see from some of the artists whose work I loved, I wanted to acknowledge an anniversary. In 2007, on this day, the Pentacle was officially added to the VA's list of approved emblems for memorials, markers and gravestones. It was about time! Now...on to pictures below the cut...

I'm starting out with the glasswork of Richard M Parrish. Amazing stuff that stopped me dead in my tracks for a long time. His understanding of the media of glass, the transmission of light, and how colors work together allows his amazing pieces of fused glass to look like woven paper. But they aren't. The skill level that these simple pieces represent is top-notch and apparently is recognized throughout the world because he teaches throughout the world. I'd love to take a class from him and get some of his knowledge. Just looking at his pieces was a treat. Check out his website at Fusio Studio.

Carol and Jean-Pierre Hsu specialize in playful jewelry and mobiles featuring anodized aluminum. Colorful and bold, this pin is a small piece in a large offering. Take a look a their website.

Every year I fall in love anew with the large glass sculptures of Dan Neil Barnes. Such wonderful work with color and light - he does architectural glass as well as odd pieces. Sculptures and vessels are most of what he brings to the shows, but don't miss his windows and custom doors on his website. He also does restorations if anyone needs such work.

Nate Evans produces simple and elegant glassware with absolute precision and a wonderful contrast in finishes. He forms the glassware and then sandblasts select areas making geometric patterning that enhances the glass. His studio is in Iowa, so fairly close to me. It's tempting to take a field trip, but time isn't in my favor. Take a look at Red Hawk Glassworks.

The final offering for you is Sheryl Tuorila who is doing some of the nicest fine art tilework I've seen in a long time. She is a local artist for me, with studio space in the Northrup King building. The piece I've chosen to show you is a wall splash made for behind a stove or a sink. But she makes a large variety of art tiles in many different shapes and sizes. I know you'll enjoy seeing her work at
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I am a bit sore today, especially above my eye, but for the force that I hit the metal with, it is really amazing that I didn't truly harm myself more than biting the inside of my lip and bumping my head and my knee. My Chiro wants to see me again next week just to make sure all is well before I leave on my trip to Nebraska, so he's being a sweetie too. My poor DH was absolutely frightened seeing me fall like that. I've done this before - one time I hurt my leg quite badly, another time I broke my elbow. I feel like I escaped and was very lucky this time.

- Erulisse (one L)
Those are gorgeous. What amazing skill and imagination.

Sorry to hear about the fall! I'm so glad you weren't badly hurt.
Obviously I was a bit focused on glass works - LOL. I am absolutely amazed that I wasn't hurt by my fall. Some one/thing was watching over me for sure!

- Erulisse (one L)
Isn't her tilework fantastic? I just fell in love.

Love the avatar you chose for me :-) Yes, it was an ouch to be sure!

- Erulisse (one L)
I saw my chiro this morning but I'm fine - nothing really hurts, and the bump on my head is going down. I did worse to myself when I was a kid - LOL.

- Erulisse (one L)
That is 'ouch'!

I like the colours in the Carol and Jean-Pierre Hsu piece and that design is intriguing.
Oh yes, serious ouch indeed. I was extremely lucky because I hit head-on onto the metal extremely hard.

I love looking at the talents of other craftspeople and the ACC show always has some of the nation's best.

- Erulisse (one L)
(love the Pentacle on your avatar today - how appropriate)
I'm so glad you didn't damage yourself beyond repair! I'm one of those "step down sideways off the curb" people just because of headers into oncoming traffic falls I've had. @.@

That last artist, Sheryl Tuorila... now that piece really speaks to me. Full living room wall thank you. :)
I tend to almost always fall up, not down. Actually, I broke my arm falling on a level surface when my shoe caught an uneven part. I can be such a klutz :-)

I love Sheryl Tuorila. She's local - you could get your full living room wall :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I'm sitting here drooling over that first picture of the Parish glasswork. That is absolutely spectacular!

Gods! So afraid of falling, me - and even tho' I have the "padding" that would otherwise assure that I'd bounce, the last time I fell, I messed up my right knee again. Scared my choir members too. Glad you didn't do yourself a serious injury, and hope the stiffness and aches leave you quickly.

FWIW, I could see somebody making that last pic of the Tuorila tilework into an avatar... *blink*blink* Did *I* say that?? :D
The Parish pieces were magnificent. He had lots of large plates at $1600-$2500 and worth every penny. Since I'm poor, I just have the dreams and memories, but they were truly outstanding.

My poor DH was so upset by my falling that he it still hovering around me, making sure that I'm OK and he had a horrible night's sleep dreaming about me falling over and over again. Poor baby.

I am delighted that I survived relatively unscathed, and consider myself extremely lucky.

Hmmm, an avatar? Go for it :-)

- Erulisse (one L)

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I'm so glad you didn't hurt yourself any worse.

And those artworks are indeed spectacular.
I'm extremely grateful to whatever Power was watching over me.

It was a marvelous time, just to be able to see art and craftswork of this calibre just made my day.

- Erulisse (one L)