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I'm taking the time today to talk about my BFF. When I was in high school, I was a bit of out outsider, a rebel, and probably even a bit dangerous. I didn't exactly fit in with the 'in crowd', so I created my own group of friends. I looked for people who were interesting. People who were intelligent, who were out the outskirts just like I was, and who really needed friends to help them get through the days. These were very difficult times for me, but I gathered a great group of people around me, several of which I am still in sporadic contact with. And then there was "S".


In many ways we could not be more different. "S" is a devout Roman Catholic, I am a Pagan, fallen away Jew. She has dark wavy hair, I have lighter hair which has ranged from dirty blonde in high school to the platinum blonde it is today. She went into library science for her carreer, I went into archaeology. She is a published author who does no craft work, I am an awarded and published crafter who is trying to break into writing. But between us, we have danced together through life since 1970.

One of the best things is that we always have things to talk about. We are never bored with each other's company, even if we're only sitting and allowing the breeze to blow by in silence. "S" comes up to my state and visits for several days every year and has for more than twenty years. The only year she was unable to come was the year that her mother died.

There is something simply marvelous about having a friend that can be counted on and one who has been a friend for so long. We've had some amazing times together. When I wanted a travelling partner to go through England with, I called upon "S" and we went over the pond for two weeks of my driving around and her navigating. I used to go to New Mexico regularly to purchase products for my store and I had a tendency to phone her and ask her "Road Trip?". She always managed to work it out so that we would head out together and travel throughout New Mexico, all over the various reservations and a bit in the cities. She's just a good friend. She's attended conferences with me, shared many a hotel room, and been introduced to friends and acquaintances throughout the world along with me. Everyone should be lucky enough to have an "S" in their lives.

And now, as we're getting into our last third of life, we still see each other annually, we still are in daily touch, and we're still working on improving our craft. Only now both of us are writing. After all this time, she finally managed to infect me after all - LOL.
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