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TGIF and E-Books

I really need a Friday, and here we are, back to Friday again! Call me happy about that (visualize me running through a field of daisies, happily cavorting with the little animals and avoiding all bugs and mud). Friday is a wonderful invention. It's really too bad that I have to work on Saturdays so that my true Friday is really Saturday - LOL. Confused yet?

So, deciding to return to basics in my quest to improve my writing, I am reading two different books that basically are classes and exercises in creative writing. I'm actually quite happy with the books, and I would like to read some of the supplementary materials and novels recommended so that I can get a clearer idea of what is being discussed in the various chapters. I was hoping to get the source materials through my local library's E-book lending program because it seemed reasonable to just borrow a book temporarily, read it and then return it. And because I wanted to keep carrying a bunch of books to a minimum, I wanted an E-format to just load onto my NookColor. Badda bing, badda bang.

A beautiful picture by Estelar on Deviant Art

But no. No such luck. The amount of E-books available for checkout is mega limited. And the library only has a single copy and it is "checked out" (although how you can check out something that is digital and limit the copies is a bit mind-boggling in itself). Now, I can see in the future that there will be a national library consisting of E-books, because that only makes sense. But why the heck can't I have one now! So, I gritted my teeth and put paper copies on hold. *sigh* I would really have preferred the E-version.

The new Denver Public Library building is so kewl.

And Sharon - I really need a DPL card. How can we make this happen? Can you claim me as your daughter or something? Or give me your number so that I can check out E-books on your card? Talk with me, GF.
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