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Elf-for-a-Day - Progress Report

 So the past three days have been more than interesting and I've been having a blast imagining how characters that I love, both recent and for many years, have been interacting with my daily life here in 2010 snowbound Minnesota.  

Sian was kind enough to lend me Van for a day after our record snowfall to help me feel better after shoveling enough snow to fill a dump truck.  He was a total delight.  Well mannered, extremely HOT, and very cuddly.  The perfect companion with a glass of port, and just the right physique to lean against well.  It was a delightful 24 hours and I was sorry to return him to her AU, but Elgalad was missing him.  

She then extended her generosity by offering me Coldignar for a day.  This reformed Balrog certainly wasn't as cuddly, but he was a lot of fun.  Since he had been basically evil, he had never had much fun in his life, so we built snow forts and threw snowballs at each other.  We had a great time and warmed up with some White Zinfandel wine.  We spoke a lot about the places we had in common - Gondolin, Himring, and parts of Angmar.  He wasn't involved in the fall of Ost-in-Edhil, which was fortunate since one of my characters died there and would not have been happy spending time with him if he had been there.  She had enough issues with him being present at the fall of Gondolin.  She actually spent his visit sulking in a corner, only coming out to join the snowball fight late in the afternoon.  

Today I have been spending with Erestor.  He's not really one of Sian's characters, but he plays a fairly large role in most AU's that I read and I love what the various authors have made of this character who really is barely mentioned in canon.  He rode around the Cities with me on my errands today, spinning out on one street, but he was very happy with my skills on ice because we never were truly out of control and were back in the proper lane in no time.  He had a laugh at modern fashion, especially the males along one street who all tend to wear the really loose pants really low and are constantly having to reach down and pull them up just to walk.  Quite amusing.  In between bouts of laughter he managed to choke out a statement that seemed to be similar to "I'd like to see any of them have to defend themselves against orcs with a sword in one hand and their pants in the other."  Which was followed by another fit of laughter.  So we are currently doing loads of laundry, sitting with some Dorwinion wine, watching repeats of American Chopper doing a dragonrider's bike for the movie Eragon.  Erestor seems quite comfortable with modern technology, in fact, I had to turn on the other computer and teach him how to access things and he is happily browsing through the Library of Congress as we speak.  I think I have a very content elf on my hands today.  I think that's a good thing since I don't look at Erestor as anything other than a brother - someone to share observations and thoughts with and to enjoy.  I did get a dance from him - we haven't danced since Gondolin, so that was a true joy.  I'll miss having him around when I return him tomorrow morning.  

Thanks, Sian.  

- Erulisse (one L)
Lol, what a great post.

"I'd like to see any of them have to defend themselves against orcs with a sword in one hand and their pants in the other."

Lol, yes, what is with that? I am not surprised Erestor was amused. (My characters all wear nice tight breeches, because they have nice backsides, lol! -- and plus they don't need to hold them up if they're fighting, which is always a big consideration.)

I am glad you found Van hot and cuddly. (I think he is, more so than I would have thought at the beginning) and I am glad your Ost-in-Edhil lady did eventually come out to join the snowball fight, (or attempted snowball fight) with Coldagnir, whose expression, which you drew, is still making me smile.

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Thanks for the positive strokes. I'm only humorous with the right incentive and the three males certainly have been. I'm glad you're enjoying my little soire with the characters - I'm certainly enjoying having them share my life.

- Erulisse (one L)
My two resident Maiar can get a bit tiresome sometimes, they think they know it all. Where do I subscribe to 24 hours with Elves?

You made me laugh...

"I'd like to see any of them have to defend themselves against orcs with a sword in one hand and their pants in the other."

Too right! I hate that style of trousers and builders' bums. As far as I'm concerned the Orcs caan have them all to themselves.

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You are too kind, but I am delighted that I made you laugh. There are some Maiar that I might invite in for the day sometime. Eonwe comes to immediate mind, but only if he can keep his darned book of oaths at home and allow himself to loosen up a bit. Heck, if Erestor can loosen up by wandering through the cyber Library of Congress, maybe he can find something equally absorbing. Olorin is another possibility. And I'd love to spend a day with Lord Namo. I have a feeling that he has a good sense of humor and is quite compassionate in his own way.

Other than that, I'll stick with elves and the newly made valar of Van and Glorfindel in Sian's wonderful AU. After all, there are plenty of them and I've been reading about them in depth since the late 1960's so it's about time I invite them to share MY world rather than the other way around.

- Erulisse (one L)
Back to the sewing machine - trying to get some mending done in between loads of laundry. Oops - Erestor is laughing again - gotta go and take a look...
Oh, that's wonderful! You're very lucky to have such great company.

My one resident Maia (who does not share power) is terribly controlling and possessive. *points to glowering icon*

Pandë: *Sighs* Wouldn't it be splendid to cavort about for 24 hours with a few hottie Elven-dudes from Sian's 'verse?

The Dark Muse: Stop messing around on LiveJournal and get back to work on that informed consent form.

Pandë: Yes, master. Sorry...gotta go.
Ah, those legal forms. I did my stint with them this morning, but all Erestor wanted to do was read how they were formulated. I have a feeling that Imladris should beware now.

The funny thing was when we were doing the laundry. I mean, the washer and dryer pretty much do their own thing, but then they clean, dry clothes need to be removed from the dryer, folded or hung up, and returned to their appropriate locations in the home. You should have seen Erestor's fascination with elastic. He kept holding a pair of the DH's small clothes in front of him, pulling the waistband and then releasing it, pulling and releasing, over and over. I fear he can think of many uses for elastic in Middle Earth. He was quite crushed when I informed him that what happens in Minnesota stays in Minnesota and that he is not allowed to take anything back with him. It wouldn't surprise me if he smuggled a length of elastic back with him. I'm ever so grateful that I didn't show him how Velcro works...

- Erulisse (one L)
Imagining all sorts of naughty "reindeer" games that could be played with Velcro and elastic... Bad Erestor!! It's always those shy, quiet types that are the trouble.