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Moving Ever Closer and Holiday Cards

 I am still getting a few friends who are exchanging addresses with me for holiday cards and I'm delighted with the requests. I have been getting great cards from friends, both old and new, and I cherish each one at this time of the year. They are small pieces of bright sunshine for the next year - reminders that I don't walk this earth alone but that others who share my interests are there walking next to me in spirit. That's just huge for me.

I wish I had good handwriting, but my handwriting really sucks. Maybe
if I had good handwriting I would enjoy the physical act of writing more?

I keep being tempted by the open page. Since so many of my friends are authors, I keep being tempted to put pen to page and write a short story or two. But I know I am no author, even though I can see a plot and even though I sometimes can turn a pretty phrase. I actually compose better while behind the wheel of my car. I have a digital recorder at the shop that I bought a couple of years ago to help me with a specific task. If I remember when I drop by the shop to label the mail I am shipping today, maybe I'll grab that and take it along with me. I can try things on my own and never let them see the light of day unless I am happy with them. So, I'll be patient on this because I have enough things that I play with. I don't need to add another thing to my already overflowing plate.

Solstice, no matter where it is welcomed, is
always a day of celebration. When the sun
returns, it is magical.

And today is my "studio day" so I have errands all over town. The roads have improved, so I don't think I'll have any great difficulty in getting to and from the places that I need to go, but we'll get another 2"-4" of snow later today. I need to be focused and get my errands completed so that I can everything completed properly since Solstice is next Tuesday. My DH says that celebrating Christmas gives him a few extra days that he will happily take, so we celebrate both holidays, but my heart is with the rhythms of the universe, not arbitrary dates.
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