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Still Trying...And Studio Day was Great!

Still checking and experimenting about how to get things posted on the "new" blogspot. If I didn't have a backlog of more than 1000 posts and feature my blog on my business cards, etc., I would just find another host, instead I'm checking out a variety of different ways to make this work. Now for try number three... My day off was very fun. I picked up Meghan and Sebas (her 3-year-old son) and drove all of us to meet Chickie for breakfast. So good! And Sebas was well behaved, it was really fun to see them again and catch up with Meghan. Many years ago she worked for me and we've kept up as friends ever since. After breakfast I drove them to drop Sebas off at day care, and then Meghan forward another 1-2 miles to drop her off at work. Remember this...it comes back later in the day...

Then on to the bank to do some stuff that had to be done before I could file our taxes (yes...that deadline is swiftly approaching) and home to start laundry and get some computer beta work done. Later I treated myself to a quick visit to Hancock Fabrics for ribbon. I have a project in mind and needed the supplies for it. And a quick drop by Dick Blick's Art Supplies for a pencil sharpener. OK, not very romantic but I really needed an old fashioned pencil sharpener that can handle a variety of pencils and I had a 40% off coupon to use so it cost me slightly more than $10 - SCORE!

Then home again for another load of laundry and off to the grocer for munchies and food - good stuff in my basket. Usually I'm in and out with an expense of less than $20, but I got treats and ribs and staples with a bill that was higher than $20 - LOL. Lunch? A Dairy Queen Oreo Blizzard. No guilt - I've been wanting one for weeks and needed ice cream. Sometimes you just need something - LOL.

Finally, back for more than an hour of talking with Aearwan. Having our weekly conversation is one of the high points of my week. Oh, and remember how I told you to remember dropping Meghan off at work. When I was taking the groceries out of the car I saw a set of keys on the back seat floor. Apparently they had fallen out of her bag onto the floor. I had no way of getting in touch with her except Facebook, so I left her a message and hoped. She phoned late in the afternoon and I'll drop them off to her early (6 am) this morning. Oops! So...let's see if this post takes and how to put on my tags.
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