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Blogging Trash and Spring

So I usually post on Blogger (and have for more than 1000 posts), then copy it over to Dreamwidth which copies it over to LiveJournal. A bit convoluted in a fashion, but it allows me to post all three places with a single post and I have different people following me on each site. Today Blogger, in its infinite wisdom, decided to upgrade and basically, it is now unusable for me. Complete trash! Total dreck! I am LESS THAN HAPPY!

So I will share spring with all of you, because I need to put my mind back into a happy place :-)


My bush is at the end of my driveway and it's my favorite sign of spring. It only blooms once a year and this year it was quite happy with lots of blooms. Here's how it looked a week ago.


Then, three days ago it started to look really pretty.


Last night it was at peak. So I had to take a photo to share.


The flowering bushes and trees are happily sharing their joy of spring with all of us. This bush was in a neighbor's yard.


And this perfectly formed tree was down the street. It was so pretty I had to pull off and take the pic to share.

Enjoy your spring (or fall if you are in the southern parts - *g*).
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A jeweler friend in Dusseldorf went through the same crap a few weeks ago and finally did get his to work again, although many parts of it aren't working properly. But the new one won't even load in my usual browser on my main computer, which I admit is an old computer but still.... It seems to load on my laptop (also old, but a bit newer) but my custom design has been trashed. *sigh* Time to find a new blog service for my daily blog.

I'm delighted that you enjoyed my flowers.

- Erulisse (one L)