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1. Number of responses you generated (WiPs also count).
I wrote 45 stories and did one piece of artwork Oy!

2. In major headings, I did stories for (major topic only was counted):
15 for Maglor in History 1
9 for Sons of Fëanor
9 for 5 Books/5 Characters
7 for Fëanátics
5 for Weapons

3. Favorite card?
I truly loved the Maglor in History card, which is a good thing since I had more matches on that card than on any other.

4. Most challenging prompt(s) you answered? Why?
O-72 – The Panel Discussion About Revisionist History. It wasn’t that it was that difficult of a prompt, but it was a huge story, almost 4000 words. And then, when I was putting the header onto it, I lost the file. I had to rewrite the entire story from scratch. I was NOT a happy camper. No, NOT AT ALL.

5. Number you most wish had been called, but wasn't?
I almost wish that I-23 had been called because having Maglor and The Beatles might have been quite interesting. Then again, at some point I may still write it.

6. You're still going to write it, right?
Like I said…maybe…or maybe not…

7. Most fun prompt to write for?
I loved writing about B-9 The Reign of Henry VIII, that story practically wrote itself. I also loved writing about B-4 Namo, even though friends of mine disagreed with my style of writing for it. I loved it anyway.

8. What surprised you the most? (About your own writing, others' writing, the prompts, the community, anything.)
I was very surprised that I was able to keep up. There were a few times when I felt that I was drowning in words, but it all came together in spite of all and I created some good work. I adored what other people wrote, I hope I managed to comment on almost everyone’s.

9. Which of your B2MeM works are you most happy with?
Two distinctly different ones come to mind.
O-62 Memories and Salt Water – because I love the Titanic, I love Maglor, I love the character who appeared for him, I loved everything about the story. And O-67 The Gift, one of those rare stories where I sat down, started typing on my tablet computer while having coffee, and it just came together like a lock and key. It’s always a joy when the story tells itself.

10. Recommend a couple of things other people wrote that you found memorable.

Larner wrote the most amazing double drabble for G-51. I couldn’t get it out of my head for days. I know there were other amazing stories, but this is the one that jumped out at me immediately.
Anything else you want to ask your fellow B2MeMers? (Because you can't spell "B2MeMer" without "Meme.")
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