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Basketball, Lottery and Poetry

Well, I had wanted Kansas to win the basketball tournament, but Kentucky was just too good. It was a fun game, but not as good as the semi-final games which seemed much harder fought, and certainly had been right down to the buzzer. It was still fun to watch, though, while fighting with my poetry.

The LOTRO Community assignment for this month is the 'Beauty of Arda' and should be poetry. I wrote three poems yesterday, and although things are starting to get there, it's much more of a fight than I usually have. I have written poems since I was a kid, and I'm comfortable with metered rhyme. But this time I'm trying free verse, and my theme just isn't allowing me to really peer into the 'beauty' part of Arda. So it comes down to a question - do I go with my muse? or do I go with the theme? So far my muse is winning. It's a good thing this isn't due for a while.

So one of the MegaMillions winners is in Maryland, supposedly this single mother of seven who works at McDonald's. So far so good...but...her fellow workers are claiming that the ticket was part of the store pool, not just hers, and now she can't seem to find the ticket. Hmmmm. What a bunch of bullcrap. I tell you one thing. If I have the winning ticket for a jackpot like this, I lock that ticket up quickly! Duh! I don't think she has it at all, but if she does, she'd better split that money with her co-workers. Shame on her!
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Yes, I kill my darlings often and in great abundance. But it is necessary. The floor of time behind me is littered with the detritus of lost words and phrases that now have no home.

- Erulisse (one L)