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I Didn't Win Mega Millions

For those of my friends outside the US, the big hum this past week has been one of the large National lotteries called MegaMillions which had an estimated jackpot of $640 Million dollars - yes, that's Million. Some locations selling the lottery tickets had long lines. I maybe buy a ticket a year - I don't really do anything with these, but DH gave me $5 to go and buy some chances, so I did. Well, I didn't win - I was so far from winning that the sheet with the numbers is sitting on my desk laughing at me. DH said he didn't win either. So, I guess we have to continue working for our money and our retirement, just like most people. Oh well....

His car is sick, very sick. The total amount of repairs that they recommended was long and expensive. We went through each item, chose those of highest priority, and are having those fixed. It will still be expensive, but at a level where we can stretch to pay it. With one car that doesn't move - we need to get it donated to the VA and get rid of it, a second car (DH's) that is old and falling apart even though it doesn't have a huge amount of miles on it, and my car that is the youngest of the bunch but with over 100,000 miles, we can't count on that either. So, we need something new. But, we didn't win the lottery, so we'll just have to make do for a while more.

The last prompt for me is from my favorite card - Maglor in History and the subject is the Fall of Rome. So take a look at this Thomas Cole painting which I'll use as my inspiration.

So the final prompt for B2ME came through last night and I can combine the last three into a single piece of work which I will start this morning if I have some free time. I can at least begin the research because this story will deal with the fall of Rome and that will require some reading to feel confident about the structure around which I will build my storyline. I'm also trying very hard to catch up with the backlog of stories that people have written. I kept up with them until last week, but then fell behind. It's been a wonderful experience, though.
I sometimes buy tickets for Croatian lottery, too. It's nice to dream what I'd do if I won... *sigh* :)
I so rarely buy tickets, I have no gambling mojo at all :-) But that much money, even a 10th of that much money would have been very, very nice.

- Erulisse (one L)
Just watch the person who wins it whine in a couple of years time that the win ruined their life lol
Winnings like that can ruin lives, some people just have no brains when it comes to handling money, others end up swindled, divorced, disowned. Money does strange and not-so-wonderful things to people.

- Erulisse (one L)
I often wonder what the charities (like the VA) do with all those non-working cars!
Some of the places we've donated to in the past fix the cars up and resell them. I'm not sure about the other places.

- Erulisse (one L)
My hubby also bought tickets, and there was a pool at work, but I just know the odds are so against me, that I don't bother! But it's nice to dream!
Well, they are old. We just can't really afford any new ones so have to continue to band-aid the old ones :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Having car trouble really stinks. I've been there so many times and I really feel what you're feeling. Thinking of you. Good luck!!
Car trouble indeed sucks. We picked his car up yesterday afternoon and I think it is better, but it still should get more work :-(

- Erulisse (one L)