engarian (engarian) wrote,

More Car Troubles

My car is fine (knocking on the nearest piece of wood) but DH's is not doing so well. He was noticing serious leakage so I arranged for us to drop the car off at the repair shop yesterday, hoping that it was a loose gasket or whatever (I'm not so knowledgeable about cars). They cleaned it up and took it out for two test drives and came up with the conclusion that it is something they can't do - a transmission problem. *sigh*

So, today we are repeating the experience, just with a different repair shop, this one specializing in transmission work. I'm hoping this one comes in at $500. The timing couldn't be much worse with April/May being one of our very expensive months - property taxes, income taxes. Ick! But somehow we'll make it happen.

B2ME is coming to an end, the final number will be announced tonight. I am finally all but caught up, one story in the hopper but all of the pending ones reviewed and reviewed and edited and edited and posted last night. It has been a wonderful ride. Now to catch up with reading and reviewing.
Tags: b2me, catch-up, income taxes, positive thinking, thoughts of doom

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