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One More Day

 Today, Tuesday, is the last day we have to dig out before our next snow will hit. I have been checking the weather, but there is no decision on how much snow this next storm will bring. I have heard everything from one inch through eight inches. I'm hoping that the one inch is more accurate.

Winter Solstice card
Maybe next year I'll buy some Winter Solstice cards. A Google
search yielded a nice selection of cards including this nice image
of a woman greeting the sun for Solstice. I like the standing stones
to her left. Very nice.

The last of my Solstice cards was sent out yesterday. My sister finally sent a card to me giving me her address, and I finally got an address for one neice (I thought I had her address in my PDA, but when I looked, it wasn't there after all). I ended up making 28 cards this year and buying one box of holiday cards (very cute, with a baby penguin on the front) for the other 10 cards that I ended up needing. I never know exactly how many cards I will need, and I really enjoyed making my cards this year even though it was actually more expensive and certainly more time consuming. But I had a lot of fun creating my cards and playing with my "toys" to make them. Tomorrow I will pick up one gift for my DH and I need to sit down and figure out exactly what I can afford to spend for his other gifts this year. I know it won't be as much as prior years and I have to be cautious - it's so easy to just buy it, and much harder to justify the cost later on.


If we hadn't had such a wind along with the storm, the roof
would have been fine. Apparently we had to pull our people
off the roof because of the wind. Otherwise they would have
been removing the snow and the roof would have been fine.

I spoke about the collapse of the roof in the Metrodome yesterday. Here's a You-Tube video from inside the dome showing the actual collapse. It's short, but it's fun to watch a catastrophe in the making :-)  (If the Embed Video command doesn't work, just follow this link instead:  www.youtube.com/watch )  This storm has affected so many people throughout the nation - the roads are solid sheets of ice east of us in Illinois and Indiana, and it is moving to the East Coast now where it will mess things up for them. This was a bad one and I hope that the rest of December will be milder for all of us.
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