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No post yesterday, I was running too late. I had an art project due which I got up at 3am to do. I finished the project, but had to leave at 6am for the Chiropractor and ended up just running too late to make a post. Shame on me. I rarely miss posting six days a week if I’m home.

I’m still writing daily for B2ME, and so far have won several bingos. The current story has me deep into its teeth, so I really have to try and whip out some short ones to cover the other prompts. I should be able to catch up a little bit today if I can finish the big monster and get it proofed. I want that completed by the end of the day.

Time for a Career Change? Maybe so....

I think I’m really looking forward to the end of the month, though. I’m sure I’ll be finishing the last few stories into April, but the daily prompts of two to five components, often requiring separate stories, has been rewarding but exhausting. I want to see about working on my writing skills and that’s hard to do when I have daily assignments. BUT IT’S BEEN FUN.
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