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Counting Down and Counting Up

So, I looked through my list of completed stories for B2ME so far, I have written 36 stories so far and have three more that are in the works as of this morning. Last year's B2ME, which was the first that I participated in, was a lot easier. Last year it was a simple requirement of one story a day for the 31 days. This year, well, this year it depends on many things - how many Bingo cards I picked, what numbers are called, and what prompts I happen to have for those prompts. So, totally variable. I think it very possible that I will end up the month with close to 50 completed stories for the month. Only one more week to go....counting down...

I've had a great time with this though. One of the cards I chose is entitled Maglor in History. The pieces I've written about in this one require research, double and triple checking facts, making sure timelines don't cross badly, and making sure that things are plausible. I think it highly likely that I will continue working on this one card after B2ME ends and finish the prompts, it just works for me. So far I've had the intrepid immortal minstrel live in, experience, or feel the repurcusions of (* = completed story):
*The launching of Sputnik
*Construction of the Pyramids
*The reign of Henry VIII
*The One Ring is destroyed
*The Death of Caesar (finished last night - happy with the story)
*Vietnam War
The Harlem Renaissance (currently researching and working on this one)
Hundred Years War
Rome Falls
*Galileo and heliocentrism (this one was a lot of fun)
The Vikings invade Britain
*First flight by the Wright Brothers
The Black Plague
The Battle of Hastings
The World Wars
The Titanic sinks
*The fall of Numenor (the story for this was quite poignant)
*The Manhattan Project
*Mongol invasion
The New World is discovered

I also have an art project that I'm working on. I'm already a day late, but I like what's happening with the project, so I'll continue with it and hopefully be able to turn it in on Monday. I packed my colored pencils and pens, punches, etc., in a little bag so that I can take it back and forth to work and work on this at the shop a bit. It's not the end of the world if I don't finish the piece, but I like the concept that I came up with and I'd like to see it completed. So, have a creative weekend, I plan to have one too :-)
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