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Backlogged - What a Nice Way to Live

I'm backlogged - totally under water. I got a BINGO in 2nd place yesterday with the B-14 call, but I'm still writing/researching the story because I just don't know enough about the specifics of the timeframe. I'll have it nailed and posted by tonight, then a short one to finish up that number. Yesterday night's number is also going to require some research. That's what I'm really enjoying about B2ME this year, though. Instead of just being things that are springing from my own head, they are actually based in history and I love doing historical research.

I have a art project on Spring Greens due today. I did spend an hour yesterday getting the base drawn out, scanned, and printed onto the type of paper I want to use. I will be continuing to work on this throughout the day at the shop. I know exactly what I want to have as the final effect, but it won't be done today. I'll Email them and tell them I'll turn it in early next week. This makes two artwork deadlines for this group that I've missed (sigh), but at least this is closer to being done than my last piece.

I really could use another day off, but I'm grateful that I got one at all and I'll make it work. I still can't shake my cold - I have a deep cough and a sinus drip that just won't stop. I don't think I've been healthy for more than a week at a time since the year started. Ridiculous! And congratulations to Mondo, the well-deserved winner of Project Runway All Stars. He had a great collection and since he should have won on Season 8, it was a delight to finally have his talent recognized.
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