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 It will be rainy this weekend, so I can work on cleaning the inside of the house instead of exterior work. That will be a bit of a change. We haven't had a weekend of rain for more than two months, although we have had a single rainy weekend day within that time span. I don't think we have anything on our "must do" agenda for Sunday, so I can allow myself to sleep at least until 9:00am (a true luxury for someone who is usually awake at 3:30am-4:00am). I'm already looking forward to it.

I am looking forward to getting some sleep. I really need it.

I wanted to do the exterior signage at the shop yesterday. It only took one letter to realize that I need one more item to do the lettering successfully. So I need to order what is called "transfer sheet" for my vinyl. That will allow me to get exact placement of my vinyl without the letters folding or buckling while I am applying them. I think it will look great when I am finished, but I am at a stall point until I get the transfer sheet material. So I have to hope that we will have one more sunny and warm day so that I can get the signage placed on the windows. If not, the lettering may have to wait until spring before it can be applied.

Spending some time sketching would be a
wonderful thing to spend some time on tomorrow.

But to return to my weekend plans, I suspect we'll play some of Lord of the Rings Online on Sunday, and maybe I can talk my DH into spending some time with a sketch pad. We're both very broke right now, so we won't be going out anywhere. And I have plenty of work to do for the shop on the computer, so I suspect I will be busy no matter what. But it would sure be nice to be able to play with my art for a little bit. Have a creative weekend at the art of your choice (and yes, for my author friends, that does include the art of writing).
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