engarian (engarian) wrote,

Jury Duty and Surgery Update

So things progress. I need to find one single report for the accountant that I didn't have (grumble, growl). I had everything else perfectly organized, just one was missing. So now my financial life is sitting in two grocery bags in front of my closet until I get a day off to put everything away properly. More mess for my room *sigh*.

On the jury duty side, DH got a card in the mail from the Jury Commissioner on Monday. Cut and dried, it said "Your request to be excused from jury service at this time has been granted. You do not need to report as previously summoned. At some time in the future you may be selected again. If so, it will be necessary to reconsider your juror status at that time." Gee...do you think? DUH! But, at least he's off the hook this time. Truthfully, I can't imagine any lawyers wanting to have him on their jury, but that's just me - LOL.

And DH has his surgery today. He'll have an audiogram early in the morning and his minor surgical procedure around 11 am. He took the day off from work, but is expecting to be back at work tomorrow. We'll see. At least his hearing will be improved for a short time once he has this done. It never seems to last for long, but I'll take it while I can. Have a glorious Wednesday!
Tags: income taxes, life's pathways, surgery

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