engarian (engarian) wrote,

So Days Off are Merely a Carrot and I'm a Donkey?

I was supposed to switch days off with my Manager this week which would give me today off and I would work for him tomorrow while he has several doctor appointments. But he's sick. I'm feeling more human, although still sick too, so I'll work today for him and tomorrow for him. Thinking that maybe with a lot of luck I'll have Thursday off because I have an art project due Friday and just barely enough time to achieve it. Maybe. If the stars are in alignment. And if I make appropriate sacrifices.

So my days off are turning into an illusionary carrot today. Tonight we meet with our accountant. I will be spending my early morning at the shop getting my bank statements, etc into chronological order because that's what I do - LOL. An extra hour or two with room to spread out would be helpful, but I'll make it work, I have no choice.

And today is the Equinox, Ostara, the earlier arrival since 1896. Wow! Obviously I wasn't thinking (actually I was, but not thinking well) setting up my tax appointment on Ostara, but I'll just throw my fate into the hands of the Powers and allow them to show me a new life ahead through the actions of my tax guy. *sigh* Doesn't sound very positive or romantic, does it? Good Ostara to all of you.
Tags: equinox, income taxes, sick, studio day

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