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Tax Dragon - Should I Be Running?

So, Tuesday night we have our appointment with our new accountant for our personal tax return. Our previous accountant we had for 20 years, there was a comfort level there that we really liked. Now it's rather like stepping off a short cliff. It won't be life-threatening, but it is going to be more uncomfortable because we won't automatically be talked through the details. I haven't gathered anything together. Anything. I am planning to work on things tomorrow, and I know it won't be enough time. Bad me. But I'm just not in the mood and when I'm not in the mood to do something I can push things to the background extremely well - shove things under the bed in essence.

DH and I started watching Game of Thrones on Saturday. I had already seen so much of it through the trailers, etc, that it seemed like re-watching it in many cases. And of course I've read the books. DH actually has the first book - he bought it several years ago. But he got one chapter into it and put it down. It didn't catch his attention. We didn't get very far in the DVD though. Our Disc 1 had scratches in it that stopped us at Daenerys' wedding. I took the set to B&N on Sunday and exchanged it for a new set. That worked fine when we tried to watch the first disk again on Sunday.

We're still sick, and we're so tired of it. I've been sleeping and sleeping and I'm caught up on sleep, but still exhausted because my body is a wreck. Shame on it! But I'll do what I need to, I'll get my tax info together tomorrow, and I'll keep on keeping on because that's what I do. Have an awesome Monday!
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The old accountant has retired?

Have a great day, too, and have as much rest as possible. ;)
Unfortunately, my old accountant who was a long-time friend of mine for more than 20 years, had a disagreement with me about a year ago and told me which river I could jump into from a very high bridge. I didn't care for that and found someone different to do my taxes. I had hoped our friendship would still survive despite the loss of business, but that didn't happen, so I lost both a friend and an accountant. Life happens.

I am feeling better today, but have a ways to go. I have had this feeling of 'better' before and have come crashing back down. I'll try to get to bed early again tonight, sleep seems to be helping.

- Erulisse (one L)
Sleep always helps! ;)

Uhm, "which river to jump into from a very high bridge" is some phrase? *confused* I've never heard it. I mean, from what you say, I understand the general meaning - that you two had some disagreements, but is there some special meaning of this phrase? *unsure*
I live in a land of rivers and bridges. One of the common sayings is that you will 'tell someone what bridge to jump off' if you are very upset with them. I guess she basically told me to jump from the High Bridge (yes, we have a bridge called the High Bridge) and ended our friendship.

- Erulisse (one L)
Thanks, Shirebound. I'm doing a bit better today, but now know that it is a slippery slope and I can only count on one day at a time. *hugs* to you and the Pip dog :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I do hope that the meeting with the accountant is much smoother than you expect it to be and you get on well, quickly.
It won't have the familiarity of working with our previous one, so I'm sure we'll stumble around a bit more. But after this year we'll be more comfortable with him. *sigh* sometimes I hate change :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
When I see the hoops people abroad have to jump through when paying tax I am glad ours is taken directly from our salaries before we get it.
Well, it is taken out for most people here also, but we are self-employed so things are treated a bit differently and certainly with more complexity.

- Erulisse (one L)